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This is a guide to DC's Babylon 5 comic, which features stories that complement the television show, going into issues raised there in more detail than the show's time and budget constraints allow.

Note! Since the comic series contains stories that run concurrently with the series, some of these pages contain spoilers for the series. In general, an issue of the comic can be expected to reference events in episodes aired in the US before the comic is released. Proceed with caution.

Current Issues

Month of first availability is listed when exact release dates aren't known. It often takes a week or more for comics to hit the stores after they're released.

Date (US)  Issue    Title
98/01/28     12     In Valen's Name
98/02/25     13     In Valen's Name, Part 2
98/03/25     14     In Valen's Name, Part 3

Past Issues

In the UK, compilations of the first eight issues are available in two volumes from Titan Books.

Date (US)  Issue    Title
94/12/08      1     In Darkness Find Me
95/01/03      2     Treason
95/02         3     In Harm's Way
95/03         4     The Price of Peace

95/04/04      5     Shadows Past and Present
95/05         6     Against the Odds
95/06/06      7     Survival the Hard Way
95/07/05      8     Silent Enemies

95/08         9     Duet for Human and Narn in C Sharp
95/09        10     Coda for Human and Narn in B Flat

95/10        11     The Psi Corps and You!

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Last update: January 31, 1998