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Synopsis by Arturo Magidin (magidin@math.berkeley.edu)

Lochley is walking down a corridor when she is joined by Delenn. Delenn tells her that she has spoken to Sheridan and is now aware of the full reason Sheridan chose Lochley to command Babylon 5. Delenn also wants to tell the Captain that she approves of the decision. Lochley is glad to hear it, but asks Delenn to keep quiet about it; others may not be so understanding. But unbeknownst to either of them, Garibaldi has overheard the conversation.

Meanwhile, Londo is in the observation deck, looking at a recently arrived Centauri liner. Zack comes in to inform him of its arrival: it is to take Londo to Centauri Prime. Londo explains that with the Regent's health failing, Londo must spend as much time as possible at his side. And once the Regent dies, the Centarum will make him Emperor, and he will never again be able to come to Babylon 5, save for the occasional state visit. He is not happy about this prospect, much to his surprise.

In the docking bay, a transport malfunctions and smashes against the pressure doors and explodes. The explosion closes down the docking bay for 11 hours. This does not stop a Psi Corps shuttle, which is in a priority mission and is allowed to dock through the emergency air doors.

In MedLab, Lyta is ransacking through some containers when she is surprised by Dr. Franklin. She is taking medicines and vitamins to the telepaths downbelow; not because they asked her, she explains, but out of her own initiative. Franklin says they should come themselves, but Lyta explains that some have been subjected to medical experiments by the Psi Corps and do not trust doctors. Franklin lets her take what she needs. "Next time you need something, just ask!" he tells her as she leaves. Later, when Lyta is giving the supplies to Byron, they all sense the arrival of the Psi Cops: Bloodhound units led by Bester.

Garibaldi is hanging out in Zack's office when a security guard comes in to inform Zack of Bester's arrival. Garibaldi rushes out and runs to Lochley's office, where he finds Bester and the Captain chatting over a cup of coffee. When he tries to get at Bester, Lochley stops him, first interposing herself, then slugging him, and finally having Garibaldi taken to the brig; Bester watches bemused.

In MedLab, Delenn and G'Kar ask Franklin to put together the definitive work on cross-species infections. The field is still in its infancy, but it is very important to the Alliance and its goal of interspecies relations. He is to go to member worlds, who are obligated under the terms of the Alliance to share medical data, and do first hand research. Although it means spending less time in MedLab and delegating some responsibility, Franklin is delighted and agrees.

Lochley arrives at Sheridan's office. Sheridan heard about the incident with Garibaldi and he reminds Lochley that Bester reprogrammed Garibaldi and almost got him and Sheridan killed ("The Face of the Enemy"). Lochley is well aware of this, having read the reports from both sides, but explains that the telepaths are wanted by the Psi Corps on numerous charges. Since the Interstellar Alliance grants sovereignty to member worlds, and the Psi Corps is part of the Earth Government, they have a right to take the telepaths under custody. Since Bester has not broken any rules, she must oblige him. If Bester breaks the rules, she promises, she will throw him out; but until then, she has to deal with it her own way. Sheridan reluctantly backs down, but orders Lochley to find a way to prevent the telepaths from being taken away, without compromising the policies of the Alliance.

The Centauri liner cannot wait for the repairs to the docking bay to be completed, and gets ready to depart without Londo. When they set their navigational beacon to Centauri Prime, the liner explodes. Later, Zack explains to Lochley that they found traces of explosives in the debris. The liner was sabotaged and set to explode when it returned to Centauri Prime; all the evidence points to an attempt to assassinate Londo. He then gives his security reports to Lochley, who discovers that Garibaldi accessed her classified personnel file; she angrily goes to see Garibaldi.

Meanwhile, Bester and the Bloodhound teeps are walking through Brown sector when they are met by Lyta. She is jamming them, and uses her Vorlon-augmented powers to stop them. Rather than force the issue now, Bester retreats; he will come back later with a dozen security guards, too much for Lyta to handle by herself. And if the rogue telepaths scatter, she won't be able to shield them from the Bloodhounds. Lyta goes back to Byron and advises him to scatter and hide.

Lochley enters the brig and confronts Garibaldi. She wants to know why he has been riding her so hard. "I don't know you," he answers, "so I don't trust you." "The world is full of people you don't know!" she counters, to which he replies, "I worry about that all the time." He wants to know why she was so friendly with Bester, and why she was chosen to command Babylon 5. The first question she answers readily: she was once stationed at an Earth Force Base where a rogue telepath killed some of her people; Bester tracked him down and saved two others. Although she neither likes him nor trusts him, he has played by the rules with her and she is obligated to reciprocate.

The second question is more difficult, and she asks Garibaldi to keep it between them. Sheridan wanted a symbol, someone who was on the other side during the Civil War; but also someone he could trust, someone who wouldn't stab him in the back. Someone who would argue with him, but back him up when he was right. Lochley was the perfect choice: She and Sheridan were married for three months after Officer Training School. The marriage fell apart because they both wanted to be in control all the time. Although it was over a long time ago, they trust each other.

Garibaldi is highly amused at the situation, and figures he can go now; but Lochley won't let him go until Bester leaves. "It's not that I don't trust you," she explains, "but I don't... trust you." She then receives a call from Zack: Bester got EarthDome to request security guards to help him track the rogue telepaths, and they can't refuse him. Lochley leaves, with Garibaldi still in the brig.

Security guards and Bloodhound teeps run down Byron's telepaths one by one. Finally, Byron realizes all is lost, and lets himself be found. He hopes Lyta will carry on his dream for telepaths. Byron is taken and beaten by the Bloodhounds.

At the staff meeting, Corwin informs Lochley that the docking bay is clear; Zack says Bester will be done rounding up the telepaths within a day at most, and that he has not broken any regulations. Lochley has no reason to stop Bester, or to prevent him from taking the telepaths. When the meeting adjourns, Franklin approaches her to let her know of Delenn's offer. Since it means he will be taking time off MedLab, he wanted to let Lochley know. Lochley is happy for him and assures him it won't be a problem, but she is struck by the idea of cross-species infections. She asks Franklin to give her everything in writing within half an hour.

Delenn and G'Kar are talking in Delenn's quarters. G'Kar had expressed a desire to do even more for the Alliance. Delenn is worried about losing the Centauri from the Alliance, so she needs to make sure nothing happens to Londo. She suggests that G'Kar should go as his bodyguard. At first, G'Kar is horrified at the idea; but Delenn points out first, how strong a symbol of the ideals of the Alliance this would be, and second, that it would mean G'Kar would be at the Royal Court in Centauri Prime and in all important occasions, guarding Londo. It is this last argument that wins G'Kar over: "A Narn in the Centauri Royal Court?" he laughs. "I accept, if only to see their faces!"

When Bester is preparing to leave with his prisoners, Lochley comes in and informs him there is a problem: according to Earth Alliance regulations, since the telepaths have been traveling so much in alien space, they must be put under quarantine for sixty days, to make sure they are not carrying any unidentified viruses. Those are the rules. Bester can't take Byron's people... yet. Although annoyed, Bester realizes there is little to be done, and he hopes his cooperation will cement a good working relationship with Lochley. He does, however, extract a promise from Lochley that the telepaths are to stay on Babylon 5 until he comes back for them. Bester issues a warning: "Just keep an eye on them, Captain. Don't trust them for a second, because sooner or later they will turn on you." He addresses Byron. "You know all about that, don't you, Byron?" With that, he leaves.

Lochley then lets Byron and his people out of custody; however, they are not to leave Babylon 5, and she has only postponed the showdown. Byron thanks her nonetheless.

As Londo is leaving for Centauri Prime, he is joined by Delenn who informs him of the arrangements she has made for his security. Londo is not pleased, but agrees. He is then joined by G'Kar, and the two leave for the transport, bickering about who will get the aisle seat on the flight.

Corwin joins Lochley as she is finishing dinner. He wants to congratulate her on her handling of the telepath situation. She is worried, though; "I get this nagging suspicion that maybe Bester was right, this thing will blow up in our face. It worries me," she confides. "I also have this nagging feeling that I'm forgetting something..." After Corwin leaves, she realizes what she has forgotten: she calls security to tell them to let Garibaldi, who can be heard yelling in the background, out of the brig.

The telepaths are singing together in a candlelit room. When Lyta comes in, she takes off the Psi Corps shield, and Byron joins her smiling and welcomes her to the middle of the singing group.

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