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Synopsis by Arturo Magidin (magidin@matem.unam.mx)

Sheridan is pacing in Command and Control, and finds Lochley; neither of them could sleep. Sheridan is about ready to leave. He asks that no ceremonies or speeches be made when he leaves. He wants to leave quietly. Lochley agrees. Sheridan also thanks her for having taken the job. Knowing Babylon 5 is in good hands makes the leaving easier.

Ta'Lon is trying to find G'Kar, and runs into Vir. Vir explains G'Kar has left, and does not plan to return; nobody knows where he went. Ta'Lon inquires whether a message was left for him: G'Kar sent for him on Narn, after all. But Vir doesn't know. After he leaves, Ta'Lon breaks into G'Kar's quarters, and his voice activates the recording G'Kar made for him ("Objects in Motion").

G'Kar couldn't wait for him to get there. The reason he called him is that he wants Ta'Lon to represent Narn in his place. Anticipating Ta'Lon's question, he explains he offered him the job for several reasons. Narn needs to get things done, and G'Kar is a distraction to this. They need someone who is warrior and priest in equal measures to speak for them, but G'Kar has become much more priest than warrior; perhaps Ta'lon, more warrior than priest, can do better. Certainly he can do as well as G'Kar did at the beginning, and can help rebuild and strengthen the ties with the Alliance.

A copy of the message will be sent to Sheridan and the others. "Serve our people reasonably, fairly, and with honor," G'Kar says. "The rest will attend to itself."

Elsewhere on Babylon 5, Franklin is also choosing his replacement to head MedLab: Dr. Hobbes ("Interludes and Examinations"). Although not the most knowledgable in certain areas, she is the one with the most experience and is not too specialized, a must for Chief of Staff in a place like Babylon 5. She happily accepts, and asks when Franklin will leave. Tonight, he says. Even Delenn's pregnancy is out of his hands; her doctors on Minbar will take care of her now. Sheridan walks by, and Franklin gets up, ready to say goodbye to him as well.

Delenn is almost done packing when Lennier arrives as a surprise. There was a break in training for personal time, and he took it to come here, despite the fact that his training is reaching a critical point now.

Number One is conducting a briefing with Sheridan, Lochley and Zack. Nothing major, only minor altercations between Drazi and Brakiri. All in all, everything is quiet, and Sheridan can leave for Minbar whenver he wants. Number One leaves, and Sheridan expresses his satisfaction at her perfomance. Lochley agrees, but wonders why she is staying on Babylon 5 rather than joining him on Minbar. Sheridan explains that Babylon 5 is still a hotbed of information: she'll have more resources on the station than on Minbar, so it makes sense for her to stay.

On Mars, Garibaldi is meeting with disgruntled middle managers. He has called the most vocal troublemakers to meet with him: those who complain when they don't like something, have a bad attitude, thinking they can do everything better than their superiors. But not to fire them: he wants them to be the new Board of Directors of Edgars Industries. Part of the job will be to tell him when he screws up and stand their ground. If they are right, they get a bonus; otherwise, "I will eat you for lunch," says Garibaldi.

Unfortunately for Sheridan and Delenn's plans to leave quietly, the news of their imminent departure has been leaked to the media. When Lennier arrives to let them know everything is ready, they leave but run into a crowd, led by Lochley. So Delenn says a few words:

"One of the most difficult words for me [to learn] was 'goodbye.' There is no corresponding word for 'goodbye' in Minbari. All of our partings contain within them the possibility of meeting again, in other places, in other times, in other lives. So you will excuse me if I do not say goodbye. Our souls are a part of this place, our hopes the foundation of our future, and we will pass this way again."

The crowd slowly parts as they make their way to their shuttle. In the shuttle bay, they meet Zack, the only one of the old gang still on board. "I'll probably still be here when they turn off the lights," jokes Zack as he says goodbye to them.

The White Star that will take them to Minbar has no captain, though: Lennier has arranged for him to remain on Babylon 5, so Sheridan and Delenn can command the ship for the trip to Minbar. After one final pass by the observation dome, where Number One, Lochley, Corwin, Ta'Lon, Zack, and Dr. Hobbes are watching them leave, the White Star heads for the jumpgate, as Sheridan and Delenn finally leave Babylon 5.

On board, Sheridan is restless and goes for a walk. He runs into a ranger, who has found a leak in the weapon coolant system. The dangerous gas is forcing an evacuation of that part of the ship, and pressure doors seal off the area just as Sheridan attempts to carry the ranger to safety. On the other side of the door is Lennier, and Sheridan yells at him to hit the access panel so he can leave. But Lennier hesitates, looks around, and seeing nobody else, runs away, leaving an astounded Sheridan behind.

A few seconds later, Lennier says to himself, "I can't," and rushes back. But Sheridan has managed to use the Ranger's fighting pike to break the door, and is dragging him out. By the time Lennier arrives, many more are already there. Delenn arrives and asks what happened. Ashamed, he runs away, takes a one man fighter, and leaves the ship. When Delenn tries to call him, he cuts off the communication.

Later, Delenn has his quarters in the training facility searched. Apparently, his diary betrays strong feelings for her, stronger than she throught he had. Lennier considers Sheridan and Delenn's union a mistake, but there is no indication he meant any harm. What happened, then? "There are moments," explains Delenn, "when we all become someone else. Something other than what we are. It takes only a moment. But we spend the rest of our lives looking back at that moment in shame. For one instant, out of a lifetime of service, he became his own worst instincts."

Although Lennier was on his way back, no one knows if it was to correct his mistake, or make sure Sheridan was dead. However, Sheridan will not let anyone know about it. "What happened with Lennier," he says," is staying on this ship." There will be a price to pay, however.

The ship arrives on Minbar, and is greeted by fireworks. Sheridan and Delenn walk into the Alliance HQ, and Sheridan is distracted by the view. Delenn walks ahead, and eventually Sheridan is lifted from his reverie by a familiar voice: "Still walking with your head in the clouds, eh Sheridan?" Emperor Londo Mollari is standing behind him. "On a joyous day like this," Londo continues, "how could I not be here?"

Later, Sheridan, Delenn, and Londo sit down for dinner. Delenn is surprised Londo is so friendly, given what he said at the last meeting ("The Fall of Centauri Prime"). Londo claims he was only playing to the audience, getting them fired up for the rebuilding. When he heard Delenn was pregnant and going back to Minbar, he couldn't fail to come and give his personal good wishes. He would raise a toast, but no alcohol is apparent. Sheridan explains he decided to leave it all behind, since it is such a danger to Minbari ("The Quality of Mercy"). Londo becomes more insistent, and Delenn senses something strange; for a second, she can see the ghostly shape of Londo's keeper on his shoulder, but the impression soon vanishes.

Londo has also brought a gift for Delenn's child. An urn, which in Centauri tradition is given to the heir to the throne when he or she comes of age. Londo has no heirs, and expects the office of Emperor to be removed once he dies. He insists that they take it, however. A Minbari whispers something to Delenn, who excuses herself. Sheridan then accepts the urn, which according to Londo should be given to his child when he or she turns 16. Sheridan notes the bottom is sealed, and Londo says he is told it contains water from the river which flowed in front of the first Imperial Palace, two thousand years ago.

In her quarters, Delenn receives a transmission from Lennier. Delenn asks him to come back, but he refuses. "I only wanted to to call you and tell you," he explains, "that I am so sorry for what happened. I never meant him any harm. I never intended for this to happen. It just happened. And, I cannot even ask you to forgive me, because I know I will never forgive myself. I only wanted to tell you one last time I'm sorry... and that I am going away. I must consider who and what I am. I need to be somewhere else until I can find a way to redeem myself in your eyes, however long that may take."

She begs him not to go, but he assures her they will meet again, and he will earn her forgiveness then. Until then, he wants her to be happy for her sake and Sheridan's. With that, he cuts the transmission and is gone.

Londo has to leave as well. But before then, there is something he wants Delenn and Sheridan to know and remember in the years to come: "I want you to know that you are my friends... That you'll always be my friends, no matter what happens. And I want you to know that this day, with you, means more to me than you will ever know." He is escorted to the Imperial Liner, where the Drakh whispers to him: "You have done well. As a reward you may have an hour free from us." A servant gives Londo a glass to drink. "Now what?" Londo asks tiredly. "Now we wait the passage of years," the Drakh replies. Inside the urn, a Keeper lies, sleeping and waiting.

In the middle of the night, Sheridan gets up and goes to another room to make a recording; a message to his unborn child. The child will come of age at 21, but if Lorien's prediction holds ("Falling Toward Apotheosis") Sheridan has at most 19 years left. So he wants to leave something behind for that day, some of what he has learned.

"Delenn is the greatest ally you will have. Her depths of courage and compassion are unmatched in my experience. Look to her for wisdom and fire in equal measure. And if you ever have doubt, talk to her. She will never judge you, she will only love you." He also shares more advice on life, and finally adds:

"Fight for what you believe in. Which brings me to the first piece of advice my dad ever gave me, and now I'm giving to you: Never..."

"Never start a fight," Delenn interrupts, finishing for him. "But always finish it."

"Always finish it," echoes Sheridan. He turns off the recorder. "Did I tell you today how much I love you?" he asks Delenn. "Yes," she answers with a smile. "But you may continue to repeat it for as long as you like." "Oh, I plan to. Every day that I can."

They embrace, and go back to bed together.

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