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Synopsis by Matthew Murray (mmurray@wsu.edu)

Garibaldi and Zack Allen are supervising the recent influx of Narn refugees. The station is running out of space and resources to treat the many injured refugees from the Narn-Centauri war before they are fit to return to the Narn homeworld. Zack suggests trying to move them out sooner, but Garibaldi tells him that is against Captain Sheridan's orders. Because Medlab is swamped, Zack asks Garibaldi to speak to Sheridan about the matter.

Vir, outside the Zocalo, finds Morden sitting at a table. Morden says that he was expecting Londo instead, but Vir explains that Londo was recalled to Centauri Prime for a consultation about the war effort. Morden tells Vir he doesn't understand why Vir doesn't like him, since he is doing so much to help out the Centauri. Vir asks why Morden sent for him.

"I sent for Ambassador Mollari," Morden tells him. "But you're here, he's not, and it can wait. If restoring the Centauri Republic means nothing to you, what does? What do you want?"

"I'd like to live just long enough to be there when they cut off your head and stick it on a pike, as a warning to the next ten generations that some favors come with too high a price," Vir answers. "I want to look up into your lifeless eyes and wave like this. Can you and your associates arrange that for me, Mr. Morden?"

Morden doesn't reply, but hands Vir a data crystal with information for Londo. As Vir is leaving, he waves to Morden, as he hopes to do after Morden is dead.

Garibaldi enters Sheridan's office and asks him for some discretionary power over the Narn refugees. Sheridan tells him that he assumed the station could handle the problem, and that it is hard to turn any of them away. He instructs Garibaldi to have Dr. Franklin sort through everyone, give them only as much treatment as they need, and then send them off as soon as possible. Garibaldi agrees, saying that it will not make Earth Central happy. Garibaldi notices a monitor on the wall, which contains a diagram of the Icarus, the ship Anna Sheridan was on when she died. Sheridan explains that he is trying to sort through the rest of his wife's possession, and was going over the mission information she sent him. Garibaldi expresses his regret, and asks to look at the information. While filing through the crew manifest, he sees a face he recognizes. Sheridan at first protests, saying that everyone on the ship died with Anna, but Garibaldi insists he knows better. "Captain, I know what I'm talking about. I've seen him before. He's alive." He shows the Captain the picture he recognizes. It's Morden.

Garibaldi insists that he knows Morden, which makes Sheridan extremely upset, since Morden should be dead. Sheridan asks why the security net didn't catch him, and Garibaldi explains that, since they don't get death certificates on everyone, Morden would not be found out unless he broke station rules, which he hasn't done. Sheridan orders Garibaldi to find Morden.

Talia is in her quarters when her door chimes. A man enters and introduces himself as Pierce MacAfee. She greets him and asks what she can do for him. He explains that he is from the Ministry of Peace on Earth and would like her support for a series of new programs. He explains that the objective of the Ministry of Peace is to help humans find peace with themselves, so it will be easier to attain peace with other planets. He tells her that he will be giving a series of presentations about the programs, and that, because she was recommended to him by her superiors, he would like her to attend. She agrees.

Dr. Franklin is in his office listening to medical reports, and barely able to keep his eyes open when Ivanova enters and notes that he hasn't slept in 36 hours. He tells her that he has to keep working, but she suggests he have someone else take over. When he tries to protest, she orders him to get some sleep and then join her in the mess hall for breakfast afterwards. Though he initially protests, he eventually agrees, and leaves to get some sleep.

A line of people are having their identicards checked by Zack Allen. Morden gives his card to Zack, and is instructed to step out of line and wait for a moment. Morden tries to avoid doing so, but when he tries to leave, he is surrounded by several security guards.

Sheridan sits across a table from Morden, saying nothing. Morden says that it is traditional to charge someone if they are being held. Sheridan says nothing, but produces a picture of his wife and gives it to Morden. Morden asks what the picture is supposed to mean, and Sheridan's only reply is to show a news report on the Icarus. Morden finally understands the matter, and he explains that he was on board the Icarus, but doesn't remember what happened. He was in an EVA suit, unconscious, when a transport came to investigate the Icarus' disappearance. The shock and trauma of whatever happened erased his memory. Sheridan asks why Morden didn't check in with Earth Central, and Morden says that it took him a long time to remember his name, let alone file a report. He claims he sent a message, but that it must never have been recieved. Sheridan calls him a liar, and Morden tries to leave, but Sheridan won't let him.

"You're not going anywhere."

Morden reminds Sheridan that he can't be held without charges. Sheridan explains that, since Morden is officially "dead," he has no rights and no legal recourse. "You're playing a very dangerous game, Captain," Morden tells him. "It could cost you your command." Sheridan insists that Morden won't be leaving until he tells the truth.

Ivanova and Franklin sit together in the mess hall, finishing their breakfast. Franklin mentions that he had bad dreams, dreams of the patients he's lost. Ivanova agrees that it is difficult to think about all of the Narn refugees since, by the time they arrive, they are behind help. Franklin asks her if she believes in God, and she tells him that most of the time, she does. Franklin tells her that he is a foundationist, and believes that "God is too big to be defined by words" and that "the closer you get to defining God, the further away it gets." She asks what this has to do with his dreams, and Franklin tells her that, just before patients die, he can see God reflected in their eyes. "I've seen a lot of reflected Gods today, Susan, and I'm wondering how we can keep believing in them when they've stopped believing in us."

Sheridan continues his interrogation of Morden, finding discrepancies in his story as they continue. As it continues, Sheridan becomes more angry and more tyrannical. Sheridan asks what happened to the Icarus, but Morden claims he doesn't know. Sheridan tells Morden that, by the time he is through, Morden will wish he had died with the others.

Pierce MacAfee addresses a group of people in a conference room, explaining about the Ministry of Peace. He explains that its objective is to help people find peace with themselves. Looking at Babylon 5 as a microcosm of Earth, MacAfee explains they have developed a system called the Night Watch, the purpose of which is to detect possible problems. He says it is a volunteer organization, and that it pays fifty credits a week. All they need to do is wear a black armband, so that people know the Night Watch is around. The Ministry of Peace wants to raise public awareness and help people think about peace. Zack Allen, sitting near Talia in the audience, asks what else is entailed by being in the Night Watch. MacAfee says that those that work against peace simply don't know any better, and they need to be taught and rehabilitated; it's up to the Night Watch to spot such people and report them. By doing this, they can protect society from harmful ideas and misinformation. "We're less interested in actions than we are in attitudes," MacAfee tells them. "We must help protect society against its own worst instincts." He says he is proud to be a part of the organization, and hopes that the others will join him.

Sheridan goes to Garibaldi's office. He tells Garibaldi that he's close to getting the truth out of Morden -- all he needs is to find one provable lie in Morden's story. Garibaldi points out that Sheridan has had Morden locked up for ten hours without charges, which is blatantly illegal. He offers to have Morden followed, but Sheridan refuses. The two argue about regulations. Finally, Garibaldi says he can't be present as chief of security while something like this is going on, and threatens to resign if Sheridan persists. Sheridan says nothing. Garibaldi lays down his PPG, security card, and link, and leaves the room.

Sheridan is still sitting in Garibaldi's office when Zack Allen enters. Sheridan tells Zack that Garibaldi has taken a leave of absence, and that he wants him in charge of Morden until Garibaldi's return. Zack agrees, and Sheridan receives a call from C&C saying that Vir Cotto wants to meet with him. Sheridan says he will meet with Vir in ten minutes. Before he leaves, Sheridan asks Zack to bring Talia to the office so that he may speak with her.

Sheridan meets with Vir. Vir says he's come to ask that Morden be released; this stuns Sheridan, who asks how Vir knows Morden. Vir is vague on the subject. Sheridan asks why Vir thinks the station personnel have Morden. Vir replies that Morden didn't show up for a meeting, and since the records show he's still on the station, he deduced that Sheridan's people had Morden. Morden is a guest of the Centauri Republic, Vir continues, and is thus eligible for diplomatic immunity. This stuns Sheridan, and he asks why Morden is so important to the Centauri Republic. Vir says that it is an internal matter, and once again asks for Morden's release, but Sheridan refuses, on the grounds that diplomatic immunity only applies once charges are filed. Morden, Sheridan says, is in protective custody. "Protecting him from what?" asks Vir. "I haven't decided yet," Sheridan says, and leaves.

As Sheridan walks down a corridor, Ivanova catches up with him. She tells him that she was briefed by Garibaldi, and is worried about Sheridan's behavior. Sheridan tells her that he knows he may be acting inappropriately, but that Anna meant a lot to him, and that he can simply not let that part of his life vanish away so easily now that he has proof her death may have been something more than an accident -- if she even is dead. He says that he has to know, and that nothing else matters to him.

Talia apologizes, but tells Sheridan that she can't help him. She says that Psi Corps rules do not permit unauthorized scans in these circumstances. Sheridan tries to get around the regulations by pointing out that Morden is "officially" dead, but Talia still doesn't agree to his wishes. She says that she can do nothing unless he agrees to a scan. Sheridan asks her to wait outside, then tells Zack Allen to move Morden to a holding cell and escort Talia back to her quarters through a section of the station that will cause the two of them to pass each other.

Morden moves down the hall slowly, accompanied by a full security escort. When he and Talia meet, their gazes lock, and she sees his face become hidden in shadows. She holds her hands to her head and screams, and tries to avert her gaze, but not before she sees the vague outlines of two strangely-shaped beings next to Morden. She falls back into Zack's arms.

Dr. Franklin examines Talia, who insists she's all right, but says that, when she looked at Morden, she felt as if she were falling into a bottomless well, and that she felt a great coldness. She also says she thought she saw a shape with him. Sheridan enters and begins to apologize, but cannot finish before she slaps him full across the face and storms out. Sheridan tells Franklin he had it coming, and Franklin agrees. Franklin gives Sheridan some advice. He knows very well how people act when someone they love dies, but it's not always possible to do anything about it, even if Sheridan sometimes thinks he can fix everything. He says Sheridan has to face that fact, but he doesn't have to do it alone. Sheridan smiles in understanding and leaves.

He is barely outside of MedLab when Delenn and Kosh appear. Delenn tells Sheridan that Morden must be released at once. Sheridan can't believe that they are interested in Morden as well, and wants to know why everyone is so interested in him. Delenn says that Babylon 5 could be in terrible danger, and that Sheridan will have to trust them, but that isn't enough for Sheridan. He demands answers. Delenn and Kosh look at each other, and Kosh nods to her. She agrees to give Sheridan the answers he wants, but warns him that, when he learns what they know, he will never be able to sleep well again. "Come, Captain," she says. "The greatest nightmare of our time is waiting for you." She hurries off, followed by Kosh, and Sheridan is close behind.

"There are beings in the universe billions of years older than either of our races," Delenn begins. "Once, long ago, they walked among the stars like giants... vast and timeless. They taught the younger races, explored beyond the rim, created great empires... But to all things there is an end. Slowly, over a million years, the First Ones went away. Some passed beyond the stars, never to return. Some simply disappeared."

Sheridan, impatient, interrupts. "Delenn, I'm sure this is all very interesting, but what does any of this have to do with Morden?"

"Not all of the First Ones have gone away. A few stayed behind, hidden or asleep, waiting for the day when they may be needed...when the Shadows come again."


"We have no other name for them. The Shadows were old when even the Ancients were young. They battled one another over and over across a million years. The last great war against the Shadows was ten thousand years ago. It was the last time the Ancients walked openly among us. The Shadows were only defeated, not destroyed. A thousand years ago, the Shadows returned to their places of power, rebuilt them, and began to stretch forth their hand. Before they could strike, they were defeated by an alliance of worlds, including the Minbari... and the few remaining First Ones who had not yet passed beyond the Veil. When they had finished, the First Ones went away... all but one."

"There's still one of them left. Where?"

Delenn, saying nothing, slowly focuses her gaze upon Kosh. "That is why Kosh cannot leave his encounter suit. He would be recognized."

"Recognized? By who?"

"Everyone," Kosh intones.

"For centuries, the Vorlons stood alone, the last remaining Guardians, watching and waiting. Then, last year, I sent Kosh a message." Delenn tells Sheridan of the time, before she began her transformation, that she sent Lennier to Kosh with a question, to which Kosh answered yes.

"If yes was the answer, what was the question?" Sheridan asks.

"'Have the Shadows returned to Z'ha'dum?'" She tells him.

"Z'ha'dum?" Sheridan says. "That's the world G'kar's been warning us about all year."

"Sheridan," intones Kosh, as the small circular opening in his headpiece opens. "Learn."

Sheridan looks into the hole, and his face is covered by a strange green light. He sees a spaceship approaching a world.

"The Icarus," Delenn says, "your wife's ship, sent to investigate the ruins of an ancient race no one has ever heard of before."

"Z'ha'dum," Kosh says.

Sheridan, still mesmerized by a strange light from the encounter suit, sees the crew of the Icarus, on the surface of Z'ha'dum, exploring the planet. He sees inside a great crevice, where a strange and terrifying creature stirs, eventually opening its fiery eyes.

As the Shadow awakens, the opening in the headpiece of the encounter suit closes, and Sheridan returns his focus to Delenn. "Anna...The Icarus," he says weakly, "They found something. They woke something up."

"Yes," Delenn says. "Once awakened, the Shadows could not allow them to leave in case they would warn others. Those who would not serve were killed."

"But were they all killed? Delenn, maybe... maybe some of them were kept alive as prisoners. Anna might still be alive! Morden..."

"...must be released!"

"After what you just showed me, how can you ask me to let him go?"

"Because right now, they do not know how much we know. The last time, the Shadows lost because they moved too quickly. Now, they are being careful, gathering their forces slowly. If you push Morden, sooner or later, he will tell you what happened. Then he will be killed. And you will be killed. The Shadows will move now, before we're ready for them."

"How are they going to know?"

"Because Morden is never alone! Listen to me. Aside from the Vorlons, we do not have the First Ones to help us this time. We are on our own! We will have only one chance to stop them, and if we fail, billions will die. There comes a moment when each of us must pledge himself to something greater than himself. You told G'kar he had to decide between revenge and the good of his own people. Now you must make the same decision, Captain. It will be the most important decision of your life."

Zack tells Sheridan, who is watching Morden in his cell, that he should get some sleep. Sheridan asks Zack how much he knows about World War II, but Zack admits he doesn't know much. Sheridan tells him how the British government knew, throughout most of the war, the code that the Germans used for all their secret messages. The British discovered that the Germans were planning to bomb Coventry, but if they evacuated, the Germans would change the code. If the city weren't evacuated, hundreds would die. The British decided not to evacuate, and the city was destroyed. Sheridan says he saw an old newsreel of Churchill visiting Coventry, and is still haunted by the look in Churchill's eyes as he realized what he had done. Zack says he's glad he doesn't have to make that decision, because he doesn't think he could handle it. "How many lives is a secret worth?" he asks. A strange sound comes from the monitor on which Sheridan is watching Morden. Zack explains they had been picking up the sound for a while, but that they believe it is due to faulty microphones in the cell. Sheridan asks Zack to change the view on the monitor to scan for different wavelengths of light. Zack does so, and while he's doing it, Sheridan sees three spider-like black creatures in the room for a brief moment.

"What did you see?" asks Zack.

"Nothing," Sheridan replies. "Shadows." He tells Zack to free Morden, and tell him it was all a mistake, and that he is free to leave if he chooses. Zack leaves as Sheridan continues to study Morden's face.

Garibaldi is eating when Sheridan approaches and returns all his security equipment. Sheridan explains that he freed Morden, and that Garibaldi was correct. Garibaldi asks why Sheridan changed his mind, but Sheridan won't say. Garibaldi says that makes him uncomfortable, but hopes that, the next time something similar happens, Sheridan will listen to him. Sheridan assures him there won't be a next time. Garibaldi asks if Sheridan is okay as he leaves, and Sheridan claims he is. Zack Allen approaches Garibaldi and asks if Sheridan is all right. Garibaldi says he doesn't know, and then asks Zack about the arm band he is wearing, which displays the colors of the Ministry of Peace. Zack says that fifty credits more per week, for doing what he does anyway, is a good deal.

Sheridan, wearing an oxygen mask, enters Kosh's quarters. "I let him go," he tells the Ambassador. "But there is a price tag attached. You've been trying to help me so we can understand each other. That's not what I want any more. I want you to teach me how to fight them, how to beat them. Because sooner or later, I'm going to Z'ha'dum, and I'm going to stop them."

"If you go to Z'ha'dum, you will die," Kosh warns.

"Then I die," Sheridan tells him. "But I will not go down easily, and I will not go down alone. You will teach me?"

Kosh has but one answer for this question. "Yes."

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