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B5 is openly recruiting telepaths, but it is slow going. Sheridan recalls Franklin's underground network for helping telepaths escape Psi Corps, and Ivanova goes looking for the doctor, who is still on Walkabout.

A maintenance worker is checking a power failure in Grey 16 and links with Central to inform them he can't find the cause of the malfunction. As soon as he finishes communication, something pulls him down the shaft he was working in, and he vanishes, screaming.

On Minbar, Rathenn tells Delenn of his last moments with Ranger One, and how his loss is being felt by everyone. Lennier arrives with a box containing Sinclair's personnal belongings - surprisingly few, which leads Rathenn to comment he lived his life as only passing by, not wanting to carry any burden. Delenn assures Rathenn she will send the box to Sinclair's family and prepares to leave. Before that, however, Rathenn tells her that Ranger One's position must be taken without delay, and he thinks Delenn would be perfect for the job. She objects, but Rathenn is adamant.

Garibaldi is cleaning an antique Smith & Wesson .38 that was his Grandmother's when she was on an Earth police force when Zack arrives with the report of the disappearance of the maintenance worker in Grey sector. Garibaldi decides to investigate himself.

Ivanova finds Franklin in Downbelow, starting to suffer from Stim withdrawal. She asks him for data on the telepaths. He says that he wiped it from the main computer, but he has a backup on his personal system. He trades the data in return for being left alone, "no matter what."

Garibaldi and a tech supervisor visit the site of the tech's disappearance, but find nothing. They argue about the number of Grey levels, which are mostly industrial areas. He says 30, but she says 29 -- a mix-up on the blueprints that was never picked up due to the speed of the construction of the station.

Sheridan congratulates Delenn and tells her she is the perfect choice for Ranger One. She points out that while she may be the logical choice, she's not necessarily the popular choice. She decides to have her initiation ceremony on Babylon 5. Sheridan is worried about how public such an event would be, given that the Rangers have been a secret organization up to now. That is about to change, Delenn assures him.

After he leaves, she is confronted by Neroon, who says he underestimated her: he didn't think she had such ambition: Calling the Rangers together after 1000 years of silence, and having the Religious Caste building Warships without the knowledge or consent of the Warrior Caste. Valen's law, he says, was quite clear: "Three Castes, Worker, Religious, Warrior. They build, you pray. WE fight!" Delenn points out that he broke that law when the Warrior Caste assumed a majority voice in the Grey Council.

Neroon demands that she renounce the leadership of the Rangers, and accuses her of creating a vaccum of power on Minbar so that she could occupy it. A religious zealot, guided by prophecy, taking command of a military structure. He tells her he is sworn to stop her - no matter the means. Lennier arrives and Delenn is distracted by seconds - time enough for Neroon to vanish.

Garibaldi takes the elevator down through each Grey level, counting the time taken between floors. Between 16 and 17 the gap is twice as long, so he takes the elevator back up and stops it between floors. Opening the doors, he finds a previously unknown level, strangely designed and strewn with garbage. He is then shot with a tranquilizer dart by a ventriloquist's dummy.

Lennier is outraged that Neroon, a former Grey Council member, would threaten Delenn with death. After all, no Minbari has killed another Minbari in over a thousand years. Lennier wants Delenn to tell the captain about this, but Delenn refuses, and makes Lennier promise not to tell Sheridan. They leave to prepare the ceremony.

Garibaldi comes to and is confronted by a ragtag group of people, led by a man named Jeremiah. The group believes that the universe is sentient and is striving for perfection. It hasn't got it right yet. After the next big bang, they say, everything will be perfect.

Lennier arrives at Marcus' quarters and tells him he has come to break a promise, by not breaking a promise. He promised Delenn he would not tell Sheridan a thing. He cannot tell anyone in the chain of command, because Sheridan would find out, but by telling Marcus, who is outside the chain of command, he will not have broken his promise.

Lennier informs Marcus of Neroon's intentions. Lennier can't stop Neroon without causing a civil war between the Castes, but Marcus, a non-Minbari, could. He would only need to delay Neroon -- once the cerimony is done, it cannot be undone. Marcus, without hesitation, agrees, but Lennier informs him that Neroon is one of the greatest warriors of the Minbari, specially trained in killing humans, and very good at what he does. Marcus only asks Lennier to inform him of Neroon's whereabouts, as soon as he discovers them.

Jeremiah explains to Garibaldi that the universe is alive, and each individual is a part of the greater whole. The universe is trying to understand itself -- something, he says, that the Minbari understand perfectly. Garibaldi, however, is only really concerned about escaping. That proves difficult, however - all pressure doors are locked and the tube sabotaged.

Preparations are being made for the leadership ceremony. Rangers arrive by the dozens on the station. Sheridan and Delenn talk about her past. After her birth, Delenn's mother entered a religious order, the Sisters of Valeria, has seen her only twice since. Delenn's father passed beyond the veil 10 years before. The war between the Minbari and Humans broke his heart.

Neroon and Marcus meet in a corridor. Neroon tells Marcus to step aside, that Neroon's argument is with Delenn. Then it is also with me, Marcus says. Marcus invokes a Minbari fight-to-the-death ritual. They go at each other with Minbari staffs.

In Grey 17, Jeremiah - while Garibaldi checks every corner for an exit - muses on how a new Big Bang will occur, this time conciously directed, each part of the whole concious of its larger role, and solving "a serious design flaw": that the Universe kills everything it creates. Simulating pain due to the dart, Garibaldi manages to get rid of one of the guards, and then hits another one, "persuading" Jeremiah to show him the exit.

The Ceremony is in progress, with Delenn being offered Ranger One's vest and with virtually everyone present, except Marcus, whose absence is noted by Sheridan and Ivanova.

Garibaldi and Jeremiah find the worker's bloodied vest, and Michael asks him if they killed him. Jeremiah says no. However, in search for perfection, the cultists have imported a Zarg, one of the most perfect forms in the Universe, moved by instinct only. "You have a Zarg here? Are you nuts? They're the most dangerous aliens in the sector!" A noise approaches them...

Marcus is losing badly. Neroon says that he cannot back away from Denn-Shar, but Marcus, as a human, can. Marcus refuses. Neroon asks him why. For Delenn, Marcus replies: We live for the One and we would die for the One.

Garibaldi, using a steam tube, manges to scare the Zarg a first time, but he knows that is only temporary. He them discovers the bullets of his Smith & Wesson in his back pocket.

The ceremony is almost complete when Neroon walks in, carrying a bloody staff which he throws as Delenn's feet. There is blood now between the Humans and the Warrior Caste, he says. He does not believe that they would die for him, but they would die for Delenn.

Lennier finds Marcus and gets him to Medlab, where he will recover.

Jeremiah can't understand why Garibaldi is fighting, since the death at the hands of the Zarg is a perfect death. Garibaldi points out that Jeremiah isn't out there with the Zarg either. Jeremiah hesitates, and concludes he is not yet perfect enough. Garibaldi, using a local heat souce, detonates the bullets inside the tube and they hit the Zarg, killing it. They run.

Neroon arrives and orders Delenn and Lennier out of the room so he can speak to Marcus, one worrior to another. Neroon says that the death that took place in their battle was his own. Marcus was willing to die for someone of another race, when Neroon was going to kill one of his own kind. He muttered something about Marcus being more Minbari than himself.

As he turns to leave Marcus gasps: "Next time you want a revelation, could you possibly find a way that's not quite so uncomfortable?" Neroon laughs.

Garibaldi meets Sheridan at his office and tells him, "You wouldn't believe the day I had." Sheridan won't have any of it, though: where the hell was he while Marcus was being beaten up, someone was trying to kill Delenn and someone was invading the ceremony? Garibaldi starts telling him about the missing Grey level, the cult, the quest for perfection, the killer predator...

"Am I going too fast for you?" he asks.

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