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Lost Scenes from Babylon 5

As written by J. Michael Straczynski

Here's another scene, which was filmed for the pilot movie, but cut when the pilot ran long. It takes place at the top of the movie, in the teaser.


 One of the consoles BREEPS and Laurel goes to it.  With a push
 of a button, the slender glass panel in front of her fills with
 the image of SECURITY CHIEF MICHAEL GARIBALDI, early forties,
 dark haired, hard-edged.

                Garibaldi, what's up?

                Looking for the Commander.  We've got
                someone down in Bay 12 needs his
                personal clearance to come aboard.

                He just linked in a few minutes ago,
                said he was on his way.  Had to take
                care of a "tourist problem" first.
                And no, I don't know what he meant,
                so don't ask.  I just hope it works
                out better than the last one.

 And with that, we go to


 where we PAN the surroundings, revealing a mix of alien and
 human life forms.  There's smoke, music, dancers, and a colorful
 blend of costumes and strange drinks on the bar.  We FIND COMMANDER
 JEFFREY SINCLAIR moving slowly through the crowd, keeping a close
 eye on


 male and female from the look of it.  He's human, she's alien,
 and there's something vaguely chitinous about her skin, something
 both exotic and forbidding.  He's clearly coming on to her.  He
 surreptitiously hand her a credit chit.  She smiles and moves away
 from the bar, taking his hand as suddenly Sinclair is behind her.
 He takes the chit from her and hands it back to the human.

                I wouldn't.
                      (to the alien woman)
                You know the rules about crossing
                species.  Stick with the list.

                              HUMAN "JOHN"
                What're you, a bigot or something?

                No.  But obviously you've never me
                an Arnassian before.  After they
                finish, they eat their mate.

 With that, Sinclair heads away.  The human looks back at the
 woman with a very new perspective.  And this time it's her turn
 to smile...and now she holds up a hand, offering *him* money.  On
 his wary look, we CUT.

The following scene is excerpted from the script for "The Gathering." It was filmed, but was eliminated from the final cut due to time restraints. Earlier in the story, Dr. Benjamin Kyle has had...an encounter with what is inside the Vorlon's encounter suit.


 where Laurel and Kyle look through the glass at Kosh.

                So, Doctor...just what *did* you see
                when you looked inside that suit?

                      (a long beat, then:)
                There are moments in your life when
                everything crystallizes.  When the
                whole world reshapes itself, right
                down to its component molecules, and
                everything changes.
                I've looked upon the face of a
                Vorlon, Laurel...and nothing's the
                same anymore.

 And, his thoughts distant, Kyle moves off, leaving Laurel
 to peer through the mist at the shrouded figure within the
 isolab, and wonder....

Here's a little something I came across in my computer this evening. I had always sensed that the Londo introduction/narration at the top of the pilot was the way to go. But it never hurts to try other avenues...you discover the darndest ideas that way. Anyway, I came up with an alternate introduction, just to see if it worked or not. I rather liked it...and still do, to some degree...but finally opted to go with the Londo intro instead, which is what we'll stick with.

But since it's not going to be used, I figured...why not let y'all take a look at what would've been an alternate opening for the pilot?

                             BABYLON 5


 voice of a news broadcast in progress:

                              FEMALE VOICE (vo)
                _ continue to bring you updates on
                the Interplanetary News Network.

 And now, gradually, a PICTURE begins to emerge from the darkness
 _ grainy, slightly washed out, a VIDEO IMAGE of Babylon 5.

                              FEMALE VOICE (vo)
                In other news, the Earth Alliance
                space station Babylon 5 celebrates
                its first year in operation with the
                imminent arrival of an ambassador
                from the Vorlon Empire.

 And now: a MONTAGE of shots from within B5, and some EFX shots
 from outside...the casino, the customs area, the bazaar and other
 areas.  During this, the IMAGE BEGINS TO SHRINK, to recede into
 the distance, and gradually the stars begin to come out on all
 sides of the picture, framing it.  This UNDER:

                              FEMALE VOICE (vo)
                Located in neutral territory, Babylon
                5 has exceeded all expectations in
                dealing with the many life forms that
                pass through the five mile long
                station.  As a result, Earth Central
                has approved an appropriations bill
                to keep the orbiting freeport open to
                travelers, businessmen and diplomats
                for another five years.

 And now the image shifts, and the picture continues to recede
 into the distance, now only a few inches across...a grainy black
 and white image:

                              FEMALE VOICE (vo)
                Meanwhile, a new binary star
                discovered by Mars colony scientists
                has been named Kennedy Proxima, after
                20th century president John F.
                Kennedy, born 340 years ago this

 And now, in the small picture framed by stars, receding more
 rapidly from view, we SEE footage of JFK speaking before the
 Democratic convention the eve of his presidential nomination:

                I believe that the times require
                imagination, and courage, and
                perseverance.  I'm asking each one of
                you to be pioneers toward that New
                Frontier.  My call is to the young at
                heart, regardless of age; to the
                stout of spirit, regardless of party;
                to all those who respond to the
                scriptural call, "Be strong and of
                good courage.  Be not afraid, neither
                be dismayed."  For courage, not
                complacency, is our need today.

 UNDER this, Kennedy's image recedes further into the distance,
 growing smaller and smaller until he is now one of the many
 surrounding stars splashed across the blackness of space.  A
 moment, and the MUSIC RISES, brave and martial, as we

 TILT and PAN ACROSS to reveal Babylon 5 itself, up close and
 personal in all its huge splendor.  PUSH IN on the station as
 a ship approaches, and we HEAR:

                              LAUREL (vo)
                Confirmed, Delta Gamma Niner, you
                are clear for docking.

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Last update: June 26, 1996