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Synopsis by Matthew Murray (i9717029@unicorn.it.wsu.edu)

Garibaldi arrives at C&C, and asks an officer on duty where Captain Sheridan and Commander Ivanova are. The officer tells him that they are in bay 13. Garibaldi goes down there, more than a little puzzled by their reasons for being there.

Sheridan and Ivanova stand in awe of the sight before them in the bay: Ambassador Kosh's ship. Sheridan finds its construction amazing and unbelievable and asks Ivanova about it. She tells him that for the past two years, they haven't been able to determine much about it; their scans barely penetrate the ship's skin. Sheridan reaches out to touch the ship when part of the ship pulls away and a strange-looking device fires a beam straight at Sheridan's chest. Ivanova tells him to back away slowly, which he does. The device melts back into the ship. After Ivanova tells Sheridan a story about a maintenance crew that was frightened away by the ship, Sheridan's interest is piqued. Sheridan tells her that it is time they learned something about the Vorlons, and that he intends to begin doing just that. Garibaldi arrives and tells them that he needs to talk to them, but would rather not do it in front of Kosh's ship. The three of them leave. Kosh steps out from behind a corner and "speaks" to his ship. It replies with a few lines of strange symbols, to which Kosh nods, and then leaves.

Visiting Kosh's ship.

When Sheridan, Ivanova, and Garibaldi arrive in Sheridan's office, Garibaldi explains that he just received a message from EarthForce that there is a fugitive alert out for Dr. Everett Jacobs, President Clark's former physician. Garibaldi tells them that Jacobs has enough stolen information to bring down the entire Earth Alliance, unless he is stopped. They think that he is already aboard Babylon 5, and want him taken dead or alive. Sheridan asks what Jacobs knows that makes him such a threat. Garibaldi wasn't told that, but says that, if Jacobs resists, they are ordered to shoot to kill.

Later, Agent Derek Cranston, from Earth Special Intelligence, arrives on the station. Sheridan asks him why Dr. Jacobs is such a threat. Cranston explains that Dr. Jacobs misused his security clearance to get information about covert missions and extremely important data, which could throw the government into chaos and ruin their alliance with many of the non-aligned worlds. Cranston says that Jacobs is on Babylon 5 to either sell the information or to find travel out of Earth-controlled space. Sheridan agrees to have security help, and orders Ivanova to carefully investigate all outgoing ships. Cranston thanks Sheridan for his cooperation and leaves. Garibaldi tells Sheridan that he doesn't think Cranston is telling them everything. Sheridan agrees, but says that Cranston is worried about something, which makes him want to go along with the manhunt. Garibaldi says he thinks he knows where to begin.

Sheridan agrees to help.

Dr. Franklin resents the line of questioning altogether, saying that Dr. Jacobs was a professor of his at Harvard and helped him a lot while learning about xenobiogenics. He tells Garibaldi that Jacobs was a humanitarian and could not be responsible, but Garibaldi reminds him of a time when he vouched for another doctor and the station was almost destroyed by a biological weapon. Dr. Franklin insists that there has been a mistake and that Jacobs would never have sold out Earth. "Maybe he's not the same Dr. Jacobs you knew any more," Garibaldi suggests.

An old man wanders through a marketplace on Babylon 5, stopping at one kiosk. The old man tells the merchant that he heard he could obtain "special" things from him. The old man says he needs an identicard, but when he tells the merchant that price is not an issue, the merchant refuses to sell him one; the only reasons someone would be so desperate are that they're working for security, or are being chased by some very powerful people. The merchant closes his shop, and the man wanders away, but he has already been noticed by a tall figure, watching from the shadows.

Sheridan is walking through the corridor to an elevator, when he hears an unusual sound behind him. He turns to see Ambassador Kosh walking away. He catches up to him, and reminds Kosh of a council meeting. He also tells Kosh that he was in bay 13, and because of how much everyone still doesn't know about the Vorlons, he and Kosh should try to understand each other.

Kosh looks at him. "Why?"

"You tell me. You're the one who popped into my dream when I was in that alien ship a few weeks ago. It felt like...I don't know, like you called to me."

"I sought understanding. I listened to the song. Your thoughts became the song."

"Has this ever happened before?"

"Once," Kosh intones, and walks away.

Agent Cranston is briefing the security troops on how to best search for Dr. Jacobs. Though his plan is efficient, because of the size of Babylon 5, as Zack Allen points out, it could take a long time. Dr. Cranston explains that, as an anti-kidnapping measure, all EarthDome personnel are injected with an identification crystal, which can be scanned for easily.

Sheridan asks Garibaldi if he is having any problems with the security crew. Garibaldi tells him that he isn't, and that, because of their efficiency, he would not like having to go up against them. As they walk, Sheridan notices a red ribbon tied to a nearby wall. Sheridan tells Garibaldi to continue to check up on them, and that he will check in with him later to check his progress. Sheridan exits hastily.

Sheridan, in a dark corridor, shines a strange patterns of lights into the area ahead. He walks forward and meets with a woman. "The general sent me," she tells him. "I have a message. You're in great danger, Captain. We know what you've been told. But Dr. Jacobs is not a traitor." As she sets up a device to prevent their conversation being eavesdropped upon, Sheridan asks why there is such an intensive search out for him, and the woman explains that Earth Special Intelligence is directly under President Clark's control, and that Jacobs represents a threat Clark wants stopped at any cost. Sheridan asks what the situation is, and the woman explains what happened at the beginning of the year.

"Before President Santiago was killed aboard EarthForce One, Clark got off the ship, claiming he had some kind of virus. Twenty-four hours later, EarthForce One is destroyed in an...accident, and Clark assumes the presidency. As Clark's personal physician, Jacobs knew it wasn't true. If he would ever testify to that effect, it would help prove that Clark knew what was going to happen. But, they couldn't allow that. If they killed him right away, it would look suspicious, so they kept an eye on him until they figured it was safe for the good doctor to have an accident. We heard about it, and we helped him escape."

The secret meeting.

She tells him that their plans were changed because Jacobs wasn't able to meet with his contact elsewhere, so he came to Babylon 5. Sheridan tells her that he can't pull his security officers off because it would mean revealing himself, destroying everything they've tried to build. She says he needs to do whatever he can, because it must be done. They need to accumulate as much evidence as possible, and Jacobs' testimony would be a good place to start. She tells him to make sure he gets the statement and gets Jacobs off the station alive. He tells her that he is angry things have gotten so far out of hand, and that he will have to circumvent his own security officers. She advises him to work quickly, and leaves. Sheridan calls Garibaldi, telling him to meet with him in ten minutes.

Dr. Franklin is instructing a small group of physicians in MedLab when he gets a call from Garibaldi. "Hi Doc. Just wanted to say, 'Happy birthday,' that's all. Catch you later." Franklin tries to protest, and doesn't understand the message, since it isn't his birthday, but gets the point when he sees security officers scanning nearby. Franklin orders the message to replayed frame by frame, looking for anything unusual. Several frames in, he sees two voice balloons sketched on top of the image which read, "Meet me at my place ASAP. Come alone. Wear something comfortable."

Garibaldi's message.

Jacobs, the old man, now in a deserted area of Downbelow, prepares an injection which he gives to himself. He speaks into a small recording device, and says, "I'm...uh, I'm nearly out of stims. I have to keep moving. If I fall asleep, they'll get me. And, uh, if they get me, I uh...I don't know if this will get to you Mary, but I'm tired. I'm just desperately tired. I don't know who to turn to, who I can trust." He is interrupted when several security officers appear nearby, searching some drunken lurkers. Jacobs quickly fumbles at opening a nearby cargo elevator, and when he does, he steps inside closes the door. The security offciers notice something on the scanners for just a minute, and then it vanishes. They decide to report it anyway.

Jacobs makes his recording.

Garibaldi prepares to search for Jacobs by taking two PPG weapons and dressing in extremely casual clothes. He says that his security crew is good, but that he has one advantage: Dr. Franklin, who knows a lot about Dr. Jacobs, and is someone whom Dr. Jacobs knows as well. Franklin is afraid Garibaldi will be recognized, but Garibaldi says that, because of his position, they rarely look at his face. He also puts on his disguise, a hat, and the two of them leave to begin their mission.

Jacobs steps out of the elevator, and is immediately met by the tall man who saw him talking to the merchant earlier. He tries to move away, but is met by another gentleman. The tall man tells him that he looks as if he doesn't belong in Downbelow, and asks him what he is buying or selling, or if he is running away. Jacobs says he doesn't want any trouble and will pay whatever he wants. "Yeah, you will," the tall man tells him.

Jacobs is taken to another section of Downbelow, and has his belongings taken by the two lurkers. They search through them, searching for something they might be able to sell. Jacobs tries to convince them he has nothing of value, but they soon discover otherwise when they rip open his jacket to find a data crystal and an antique pocketwatch, which attracts the large lurker immediately. Its inscription reads, "Office of the President of the Earth Alliance." The large lurker leaves to examine the data crystal, leaving the other behind to guard Jacobs.

Taken hostage.

Cranston explains to Sheridan and Ivanova that they have searched most of the station and have deduced that Jacobs must be hiding in Downbelow. Sheridan says that the sooner they get him off of Babylon 5, the better, and that Cranston is right about him being in Downbelow. When Ivanova protests, Sheridan tells her that it is the only logical choice, unless she seriously believes he might also be Downtown. Cranston asks where this place is, and Sheridan tells him it is the unofficial name for the area between the hull and the water reclamation system, one of the most unpleasant parts of the station, full of heavy machinery, pipes, and lead. Cranston decides that Jacobs would use lead to defeat the scanners, and calls security to have them search Downtown instead. Cranston leaves, and Ivanova asks him what he was talking about, telling him that the entire area was sealed off after Babylon 5 was made operational. Sheridan says that he hopes trying to burn through the walls and doors in that area will buy Garibaldi a few hours. He then receives a call saying that one of the ambassadors wants to see him. He begins to say no, but decides otherwise when he learns it is Ambassador Kosh. He goes off to the meeting.

Garibaldi and Franklin are questioning some of the people in a bazaar in Downbelow, but can't find any information. They comment on how there are no guards down there, but Garibaldi decides it must be Captain Sheridan's doing. They stop to rest and to have something to eat. While they are chatting about Dr. Jacobs and the past, when they notice a merchant trying to sell Jacobs' pocketwatch, which Franklin recognizes. Garibaldi strongarms the merchant into revealing where he got the watch.

Garibaldi and Franklin downbelow.

An officer goes to Cranston and tells him that they have someone on the line who has seen Jacobs. Cranston answers the call and talks to the man on the other end, the same one who kidnapped Jacobs from Downbelow. The man says he will turn over Jacobs for 10,000 credits, to which Cranston agrees. The man says he will call again when he is ready to exchange.

Sheridan arrives in Ambassador Kosh's quarters, and asks the purpose of the meeting. "You wanted to see me?" he asks Kosh.

"You wanted to see me."

"Well, I guess everybody does. To see what you really are inside that encounter suit."

"They are not ready. They would not understand."

"Am I ready?"

"No. You do not even understand yourself."

"Could you help me to understand you?"

"Can you help me to understand you?"

"Well, I can try. Is that what you want? An exchange of information? I tell you something about me, and you tell me something about you?"

"No. You do not understand. Go." Kosh turns away.

"Damn it, what do you want? What do you want from me? You know, ever since I got here, I've had the feeling that...that you've been watching me. The record shows you hardly ever went to council meetings until I showed up. When I was captured, it was you who reached out and touched my mind. And now you call me here? Why? Just to throw me out? Are we just toys to you? Huh? What do you want?"

Kosh spins around and intones angrily, "Never ask that question."

"At least I got a response out of you. So, what'll it be, Ambassador?"

"I will teach you."

"About yourself?"

"About you. Until you are ready."

"For what?"

"To fight legends."

The lurker guarding Dr. Jacobs hears a pounding at the door which he thinks is his companion, Max, returning. He opens the door, but finds Garibaldi instead. Garibaldi knocks the lurker out, but not before he is stabbed in the arm. Franklin tries to help Garibaldi up, and then unties Dr. Jacobs. Though they try to usher him out of there, Dr. Jacobs insists that they have to have the data crystal, which Max took. Garibaldi tells Franklin and Dr. Jacobs to wait for him nearby.

Max arrives back in the room to find the other lurker tied up. He removes the gag from his mouth, but before the other can warn Max, Garibaldi steps from the shadows, PPG drawn, and demands the data crystal. He begins shooting at Max, missing deliberately, but coming closer and closer each time. By the time Garibaldi shoots only an inch away from his head, Max agrees and hands over the data crystal.

"I'm in a bad mood."

Cranston talks to Sheridan, reminding him that, in the past, internal scanners have been used to locate radiation sources inside Babylon 5. Sheridan tells him it required a lot of difficult rewiring, but Cranston only wants to know why he was not informed about it. Ivanova comes in and tells Sheridan that Dr. Franklin needs to seem him immediately. Sheridan leaves, and Cranston turns to Ivanova. He asks her about the internal scanners and how long it will take him to wire his scanners up to Babylon 5's. She replies coldly, obviously resenting his attitude toward her. She tells him that he didn't ask for the information and that there is no way to know if the systems are compatible or if it will work.

Dr. Jacobs gives the data crystal to Sheridan and explains that it contains the information obtained from his scans of Clark which proved he did not suffer from a viral infection and that he has given Garibaldi the necessary codes to unlock the data. Garibaldi, while being treated for his arm injury by Franklin, reminds them that they will need a statement as well. Sheridan says that they have another problem now that Cranston knows they can patch their scanners into the station's internal sensors, which would make it very easy to find Dr. Jacobs. Franklin asks if it is possible to get him off the station, but Garibaldi says it isn't likely, considering they have all the docking bays covered. "Not entirely correct, Mr. Garibaldi," Sheridan says.

The configuration between the sensors and the scanners is complete. Ambassador Kosh asks for permission to depart, but Sheridan won't allow him to leave until after they scan the station. The station is scanned, but they don't find Dr. Jacobs. Sheridan tells Cranston that he is angry his station has been torn apart for no reason. Kosh asks permission to depart again, which Ivanova grants. Cranston says he doesn't understand since someone (Max) told him Jacobs was on the station. Sheridan tells Cransgon that he can't be too sure of any information he obtains aboard the station. Ivanova begins to tell Kosh that he can open the jump gate, but Cranston protests, saying that he wants the ship scanned. Sheridan tells him that it is an ambassadorial vessel, but Cranston isn't satisfied. Sheridan reluctantly agrees to scan the ship, and the scan find one life form, but it isn't human. Sheridan offers sarcastically to return the ship to the station to search it thoroughly, but warns Cranston that, if they find nothing, it could cause a major diplomatic incident. Cranston gives his permission for the ship to enter the jumpgate, which it does. Sheridan orders Ivanova to help Cranston find out where Dr. Jacobs really went, and help him in any way possible. He also tells Cranston that, as soon as Ivanova is finished, he hopes Cranston will leave. Cranston says nothing, but leaves C&C.

"Give him your full cooperation."

Sheridan, Ivanova, Garibaldi, and Franklin arrive in bay 13, where the Vorlon ship has redocked. Sheridan tells them that they are supposed to wait until the ship recognizes them, which it soon does. Sheridan explains that it knows them because it is alive. Kosh wasn't on the ship when they scanned it from C&C, and since the scan only registered one life form, it must be the ship. The ship opens up, and tentacle-like protusions extract a large pod from it. When the pod touches the ground, it opens to reveal Dr. Jacobs inside. Dr. Franklin quickly revives him from an artificial coma, which Kosh insisted on as a condition for the use of the ship. Dr. Jacobs revives. "While I was asleep," he says, "the uh...the ship...It sang to me."

The ship gives Dr. Jacobs back.

Sheridan returns to the woman sent by General Hague and hands her a data crystal, which he says contains all of Dr. Jacobs' information. She accepts it willingly. "Good. It's not enough to go public with yet, but it's a start. We'll get Jacobs onto one of our ships as soon as possible. Thank you again for your help. You've just scored a major victory for the good guys. You should be proud. Until next time, Captain."

"There's always a next time, isn't there?" Captain Sheridan asks.

"You'd better pray it stays that way, Captain. Because as long as there is a next time, at least there's a chance we'll win." She turns to leave, but offers him one final thought before she goes. "Because in this war, Captain, we need all the chances we can get."

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