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Synopsis by Matthew Murray (mmurray@wsu.edu)

Sheridan is on a baseball field, practicing his swing, when Garibaldi arrives. Sheridan explains that, because of difficult negotiations between the Narn and the Centauri, he needed to take time to get away from it all. Garibaldi says that, despite his problems, Sheridan should be glad that he didn't have to spend his day in the Triangle. Sheridan asks about it, and Garibaldi explains it is a section of Grey Sector nicknamed by maintenance where there are strange lights, sounds, and disappearances. That piques Sheridan's interest, and despite Garibaldi's objection, he insists on going and taking a look.

Londo and Vir step out of an elevator, discussing the authors and songs of some of the finest Centauri operas. They lose themselves in the music, and continue reminiscing when a black robed figure appears, arms wrapped around Londo's neck. "How fitting you should die with a song on your lips, Mollari," the figure tells him. The figure calls him "passo liati," and Londo knows who it is -- an old friend of his, Urza Jaddo. Londo asks Urza not play such a trick again, and introduces Vir and Urza to each other. Londo suggests they return to his quarters, drink brevare and talk, but Urza has to decline, promising they will do so later.

Sheridan, flashlight in hand, walks down one of the corridors in the Triangle. After searching around for a few moments, he sees a body lying on the floor. He tries to wake the figure, but sees that the being, a Markab, is dead. Sheridan tries to call Garibaldi, but interference makes maintaining a clear channel very difficult. Sheridan looks at the body again, and its hand suddenly reaches up and grabs his face. Sheridan is able to wrench the hand away, and the body falls down dead again. Sheridan finally contacts Garibaldi and tells him to get to Gray 10 right away.

Dr. Franklin examines Sheridan and tells him that there is nothing physically wrong with him, except for the common effects of a sudden fright. He also explains that the body's movements were due to gas buildups inside the body. Sheridan asks what killed the Markab, and Franklin hypothesizes head trauma, but will not know for certain without an autopsy. Garibaldi finds the Markab's identicard and identifies him. Sheridan tries to explain how they should proceed next, but his vision becomes very distorted. Sheridan tells Garibaldi that he feels dizzy, and Garibaldi recommends that Sheridan rest and hear a report later.

Londo begins preparing drinks, and Vir asks about Urza. Londo explains that they had been friends since childhood, though their families had been allied almost since the beginning of the Republic. Londo begins reminiscing about his youth, even though Vir doesn't understand why Londo's ties to the past are so strong. Urza enters, and Londo greets him. They drink together.

In his quarters, Sheridan is awakened by some strange sounds. He turns on the lights, looks around the room a little, and is confronted by a large flying creature, which flies at him. He manages to duck and grab a PPG; he fires at the creature, but the shots go through it and destroy a statue behind it. Garibaldi, alerted by the gunfire, enters with another security officer. Garibaldi asks what happened, and Sheridan explains that the creature was a grylor, from Janos VII, which once stalked him. Garibaldi suggests that it may have been a nightmare, but Sheridan knows, or at least believes, it was real. Sheridan asks what happened to the Markab, and Garibaldi says it looks like suicide, though they don't know why he would have killed himself. Sheridan suggests it may have been a religious ritual, but Garibaldi disagrees. Sheridan tells Garibaldi to keep searching for answers, and says he'll be in C&C if needed.

Urza and Londo, still drinking, are getting reacquainted, talking about life and love. When they stop to get another drink, Urza tells Londo that his name is much spoken of on Centauri Prime, and that they believe that both his star, and that of the Republic, is in ascension again. This pleases Londo, though he is still quite angry at the Narns. Urza says that the previous Emperor wanted peace, but Londo claims that the Emperor was wrong about the Narns. Urza explains that the Narns were lured into the war by the same faction that murdered the previous Prime Minister, which Londo says he heard was an accident. Urza tells him that was the "official story," but not really true. Urza tells Londo that a resolution is about to be brought before the Centaurum, claiming that Urza's family is traitorous to the Republic. Londo believes they couldn't prove it, but Urza says proof isn't necessary, only the accusation, and that he will be disgraced if the "villains" have their way. Urza asks Londo to stand with him to save his family, and Londo says he will do what he can. This pleases Urza, who leaves, promising a banquet to celebrate their reunion.

Sheridan enters C&C as a jump gate comes online and a ship comes through. While looking at a control panel, Sheridan begins seeing strange patterns again. He tries to clear his eyes, but when he looks out the viewport, he sees the Icarus, his wife's ship, appear and then explode. Sheridan orders the area outside scanned, but no one else has seen anything. Ivanova asks if anything is wrong, and Sheridan says that he has to see to something.

Sheridan explains what just happened to Dr. Franklin, who tells him that there is nothing physically wrong with him, but that there may be a new virus that can't be detected. He offers to put Sheridan in touch with a Markab doctor who may be able to help him, but suggests that his hallucinations are more likely stress-related. Dr. Franklin puts Sheridan on medical leave, and, despite Sheridan's protests, Franklin orders him to relax and enjoy himself.

Londo finally makes contact with Refa. Londo asks Refa if what he heard about Urza was true, and Refa says it is. Londo offers to vouch for Urza personally, but Refa won't go along, despite Londo's claims of being Urza's friend. Refa says he cannot stop the resolution, because it has already gone through. Refa says that Urza's house is already crumbling, and anyone that tries to help will go along with it. Londo becomes outraged at Refa's impudence, claiming that Refa's plans would have been no use without his help. Refa says there is little he can do, but promises he will try. Londo tells Vir to get him a drink, and then communicate with his contacts on Centauri Prime, as he will need more help.

Sheridan is back on the baseball field practicing when Garibaldi enters. Sheridan asks if they found out anything else about the Markab, and Garibaldi tells him that the Markab passed through sector 14 on his voyage here. Sheridan says he thought that sector was restricted, and Garibaldi explains it is, ever since the incident the previous year when Babylon 4 returned. Garibaldi explains that it was kept out of the station logs because EarthForce wanted to perform their own investigation. Garibaldi explains what happened to Sheridan, saying that, even though the station is gone, an anonmaly is still believed to remain. Garibaldi presents Sheridan with a copy of the information, made before it was turned over to EarthForce, and leaves Sheridan to his batting practice.

Londo and Vir enter the exquisitely decorated and catered banquet, where they meet up with Urza. The three of them sit down at a table, and Urza toasts to their friendship and to the Republic. Londo comments on the calibre of the guests at the party, and Urza tells him that, with Londo's help, they will spread the word. Londo tells him that this isn't necessary, since he helped, but Urza says that the resolution was already presented, and will almost certainly pass. Londo begins saying that Refa promised to help, but this angers Urza, who says that Refa is responsible for the resolution in the first place, and wants him out of the way because of how much he knows. Urza seems insulted that Londo would help Refa, but Londo says that he has a destiny to fulfill, and only if he does, will the Centauri return to their rightful place in the galaxy. Urza says he doesn't want to return to that kind of glory, and Londo offers to help, but Urza tells him that the way they are proceeding will never do any good.

Londo offers to leave, but Urza will not let him go. He snaps his fingers, and a large case is brought to the table, from which Londo draws a finely-crafted sword. Londo says he cannot accept the gift, but Urza takes the sword from him and embeds it in the table, challenging him to a duel to the death. Londo asks why he would do this, and Urza tells him he would do it to save himself and his family from dishonor. Londo accepts the challenge, and Urza tells him to return in two hours for the duel. Londo and Vir leave.

Sheridan is watching some images of Babylon 4's return when he is suddenly gripped by a powerful headache. He looks around the room in agony, his vision again blurred, and he sees his parents standing there. He approaches them, but they are enveloped in a bright flash of light. Sheridan looks over at the frozen picture of Babylon 4 on the viewscreen, and believes he knows what to do. He quickly leaves, leaving his commlink behind while Dr. Franklin tries to contact him.

Vir tries to talk Londo out of the duel, but Londo will not hear of it, saying that to deny the challenge would be disgraceful.

Garibaldi receives a communication from Dr. Franklin, who asks him where the captain is. A device Franklin gave Sheridan to measure his stress monitored a strange neural surge just a few minutes earlier, which caused the link to go dead, and Sheridan would not answer communication requests. Garibaldi calls his security officers, telling them to look out for the captain.

At C&C, a Starfury is detected to be about ready to launch from the station, and the pilot is identified as Captain Sheridan. He tells Ivanova not to worry, and that he will be back soon. Sheridan overrides the Starfury's controls, opens the bay doors, and launches the ship. Ivanova calls Garibaldi.

Urza's assistants prepare him for the duel when Londo and Vir enter. Londo tries to convince Urza to not fight, but Urza refuses. Urza tells Londo that he has often beaten him with such weapons, but Londo says that his life was never on the line before. Londo begins removing his jacket.

Garibaldi, in a Starfury of his own, contacts Sheridan asking him what he is doing. Sheridan says he is giving someone a lift, and that he thinks the answer lies in sector 14. Ivanova, who has been listening, realizes the significance, and Sheridan confirms her suspicions. The two Starfuries continue their voyage.

A referee tells Londo and Urza to begin the duel. They hold their swords before them, bow to each other, and begin the fight. During the course of the fight, they both manage to inflict some damage to each other.

Sheridan arrives in sector 14 and tells the computer to scan the area. The computer replies, saying it cannot scan the area because of increased levels of tachyon particles. A large glowing area appears immediately in front of Sheridan's Starfury. Sheridan begins to scream, and a long stream of light shoots out from his mouth and into the glowing disturbance. After a few moments, the stream of light completely vanishes into the disturbance, and it closes. Garibaldi, right behind, grapples Sheridan's ship. He tows Sheridan back to Babylon 5.

The fight between Urza and Londo continues, both of them very tired, and somewhat injured. After a few moments, Urza disarms Londo and sends him carreening to the ground, and prepares to deal the death blow, but Londo grabs his sword and thrusts upward. Urza falls to the ground, but Londo catches him. Londo asks Urza why he did this, and Urza tells him that he did it for his family, because he didn't want them to share in his disgrace. This way, Urza dies alone, and Urza makes Londo promise to look after them, which Londo promises to do. Urza tells Londo that he will miss him, and dies in Londo's arms.

Sheridan explains to Franklin, Garibaldi, and Ivanova that the lifeform that inhabited him was sentient, but alien, adn was trying to survive and return to its home. Sheridan explains that the alien entered the Markab's body and drove him mad. He explains that he deduced what it wanted by the images it created in his mind, using his emotions for communication. The prospect of such a new and different alien life form very much excites Franklin.

Londo pours some more bravare when Vir enters, telling Londo that the arrangements he asked for regarding Urza's family were made. Vir tries to tell Londo that he didn't have a choice and had to kill Urza, but Londo isn't sure -- he tells Vir that Urza was more skilled with the blade, and that, by the rules of the conflict, Urza's family must be taken in by him, which makes them immune to the effect of the resolution; that was the reason for the challenge in the first place. Londo tells Vir that, for the first time, he questions the choices he has made. Vir tries to convince Londo that he should make new choices, but Londo replies that he has started down the path and must continue on it until it ends. He sends Vir away, saying that he wants to try to get some sleep, if he is able.

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