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Synopsis by Katrina Glerum (kat@midwinter.com)

Once again the station mobilizes for war. The murder of 10,000 refugees fleeing Proxima 3 has forced Sheridan to decide that it's time to retaliate against Clark.

Sheridan calls a full Council meeting first thing in the morning. In return for the safety his White Star patrols have brought to uneasy borders, he declares all League World military treaties with Earth null and void. As Starfuries run drills outside, Ivanova requests that each government contribute a military vessel to the defense of the station. Other than that, they must take no part in the war.

"We're going to take back our home. Or die trying," Captain Sheridan concludes.

Marcus races through the station to the War Room with a data crystal that holds intelligence detailing the Earth Force blockade of Proxima 3. Of six destroyers, two were responsible for shooting down the transport.

Meanwhile, even though Franklin admits little progress on freeing the Shadow-implanted telepaths, Sheridan demands that he get them mobile as quickly as possible for an imminent mission.

To Ivanova he explains his plan for attacking Proxima 3. By offering the combatants a chance to surrender or defect, he will attempt to minimize the Earth Force losses; nevertheless he will destroy any ship that fights back.

Vir is roused from a nightmare by Garibaldi at the door. When Garibaldi asks for Londo, Vir lets it slip out that the Ambassador has gone to speak with G'Kar, then divulges the plan to attack Earth. Vir is surprised that Garibaldi is disgusted with Sheridan's move. Even though he doesn't always agree with Londo, Vir says he continues to follow, because sometimes Londo's right.

Close quarters maneuvers continue outside under Lt. Corwin's supervision. Ivanova orders the fighters to only accept commands that are encrypted with the code of the day. Corwin remarks that they should trust no one.

"No," Ivanova remarks acerbically. "Trust Ivanova. Trust yourself. Anybody else? Shoot 'em."

The destroyer Starfuries patrolling hyperspace near the Proxima 3 jump gate are oblivious to the fleet of White Stars gathering in the murky redness there. Marcus learns that the resistance on the planet's surface is being demolished by Clark's ground forces.

G'Kar's writing is interrupted by Mollari's entrance. They take a couple of shots across each other 's bows until Mollari admits that he didn't come to fight but to talk. The past years have been very hard on both of them. G'Kar snorts in derision, but Mollari continues humbly, thanking G'Kar for his actions and endurance that set both of their worlds free, telling G'Kar that he has come to respect him deeply.

G'Kar scorns both the thanks and the respect.

Mollari forges ahead angrily. He is a patriot, he shouts, and yet, through ill judgment he himself became his own enemy. So can he possibly "understand who the enemy is?" Perhaps not. But he can understand friendship, and the humans of Babylon 5 have been friends. Thus he has convinced his government to put their full support behind Sheridan, and requests that G'Kar do the same. Pouring out two drinks, he proposes a toast "to the humans, and to the bridge that they created between us, in the hope for a better future, for both our worlds."

As Mollari waits with glass raised, G'Kar pours his drink back in the bottle. With heavy disappointment, Mollari departs.

Sheridan and Ivanova have the difficult task of prepping the Starfury crews for battle. They are told to defend themselves with deadly fire and come home alive, yet show mercy to any non-combatant.

Sheridan departs for the front leaving Ivanova to command the station. His flagship White Star 2 sports newly painted Army of Light logos on the wings.

The commander of the fleet blockading Proxima 3 orders two destroyers to attack the White Stars that jump out of hyperspace on the opposite side of the planet. When he recognizes the ships as Sheridan's he orders his destroyers to attack. Macdougan, the captain of the Vesta, engages John in a conversation about the legality of Clark's orders. When Macdougan refuses to enter the fray, fleet commander Hall grants a field promotion to Macdougan's second, a rank he enjoys for about 60 seconds until the Vesta's crew ends it.

The Pollux is destroyed, two vessels stand down, and another withdraws. Fearing a tribunal more than death, Captain Hall orders his crew to continue the fight until his own second relieves him of command and surrenders.

Sheridan calls the captains of the surviving destroyers together and offers them the choice of going home or joining up. When they object to his methods he argues that they swore to protect Earth, that they work for all humans, not for Clark in particular. In the final analysis one ship withdraws, one joins the defense of Proxima 3, and two join Sheridan.

As he drinks alone again in morose contemplation, Londo notices a shot raised to the lips of another nearby. Sternly G'Kar orders Londo to issue the joint statement of their worlds' support of Sheridan. He refuses to sign it on the same page though. G'Kar departs just as rapidly leaving the Ambassador choked with emotion.

As the Voice of Resistance announces the victory and encourages other Earth Force vessels to defect, Garibaldi leaves the station for Mars vowing never to return.

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