Babylon 5 pictures: Scenes

authority - Ivanova and Draal, from "Voices of Authority" (JPEG, 130657 bytes)

b5card11 - Centauri colony under attack, from "Midnight" (GIF, 58856 bytes)

b5card12 - G'Kar confronts Londo, from "Midnight" (GIF, 61949 bytes)

b5card13 - Londo and Talia have a chance encounter, from "Midnight" (GIF, 60472 bytes)

b5card14 - Londo takes a shot at G'Kar, from "Midnight" (GIF, 65712 bytes)

b5card15 - Delta Wing approaches the raider base, from "Midnight" (GIF, 56071 bytes)

b5card16 - The damaged ship approaches, from "Soul Hunter" (GIF, 52802 bytes)

b5card17 - Medical team attempts to save a life, from "Soul Hunter" (GIF, 59965 bytes)

b5card18 - The soul hunter negotiates with n'grath, from "Soul Hunter" (GIF, 43019 bytes)

b5card19 - Soul hunter takes aim, from "Soul Hunter" (GIF, 64171 bytes)

b5card20 - Ambassador Delenn frees a soul, from "Soul Hunter" (GIF, 45397 bytes)

body - (GIF, 42623 bytes)

confessions - and Lazarenn, from "Confessions and Lamentations" (JPEG, 53170 bytes)

council-cryo - Scenes from "Sky" and "The Long Dark", from CD booklet (JPEG, 34025 bytes)

council - Delenn, Ivanova, and Londo in the council chamber, season one (JPEG, 88555 bytes)

dust - G'Kar threatens Londo, from "Dust to Dust" (JPEG, 98525 bytes)

exogenesis - Franklin and a symbiote, from "Exogenesis" (JPEG, 78674 bytes)

fall - and G'Kar, from "The Fall of Night" (JPEG, 63864 bytes)

fall2 - and Kosh, from "The Fall of Night" (JPEG, 77358 bytes)

garisher - Garibaldi and Sheridan stalk the creature in "The Long Dark" (GIF, 35090 bytes)

garitali - Garibaldi and Winters in "Spider in the Web" (GIF, 47431 bytes)

gcouncil - The Grey Council and guest, from "And the Sky Full of Stars" (GIF, 139419 bytes)

gkarlond - G'Kar and Londo in the central corridor (JPEG, 184348 bytes)

gkarnarn - G'Kar confronts another Narn in "The Coming of Shadows" (GIF, 34063 bytes)

glfight - (GIF, 167784 bytes)

grail - David Warner as Aldous Gajic, from "Grail" (JPEG, 104135 bytes)

ikaran - Nelson Drake transformed, from "Infection" (JPEG, 135668 bytes)

inquisitor - and Sheridan, from "Comes the Inquisitor" (JPEG, 37373 bytes)

ivanacts - Ivanova is required to seal the deal in "Acts of Sacrifice" (GIF, 54160 bytes)

jsdrill - Sinclair being interrogated, from "And the Sky Full of Stars" (JPEG, 13678 bytes)

kidnap - Talia is kidnapped, from "A Race Through Dark Places" (JPEG, 177715 bytes)

knight2-1 - Knight Two, from "And the Sky Full of Stars" (JPEG, 23770 bytes)

longdark-ivsh - Ivanova and Sheridan in "The Long Dark" (GIF, 39171 bytes)

matters1 - and Sheridan, from "Matters of Honor" (JPEG, 35986 bytes)

matters2 - and Ivanova in C&C, from "Matters of Honor" (JPEG, 62369 bytes)

matters3 - and Marcus, from "Matters of Honor" (JPEG, 40166 bytes)

plan - (JPEG, 86702 bytes)

security - Garibaldi, Allen, and another guard burst in (JPEG, 125866 bytes)

sickdeln - Sinclair and Franklin with Delenn in medlab (JPEG, 99767 bytes)

sin-soul - Sinclair takes aim, from "Soul Hunter" (GIF, 139339 bytes)

sinclzoc - Sinclair alone on the Zocalo, from "And the Sky Full of Stars" (GIF, 28867 bytes)

smirk - Sinclair and Talia, from "Born to the Purple" (GIF, 159297 bytes)

soulhunt - The Soul Hunter and Delenn, from "Soul Hunter" (JPEG, 145615 bytes)

spider01 - Talia Winters and Abel Horn (mislabeled) in "Spider in the Web" (GIF, 47359 bytes)

starbump - (JPEG, 75640 bytes)

twilight - Sheridan, and Delenn, from "The Long, Twilight Struggle" (JPEG, 60000 bytes)

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