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Contents: Historical - Classical - Modern - JMS

Scattered throughout the series are references, both explicit and subtle, to historical events and literature. The following are some of them (this list is incomplete; send me mail if you've seen others.)

Historical references

Classical literary references

See Also: Poets' Corner

[More Info] A list of literary references in B5's ship names.

Modern literary references

Babylon 5 References in other JMS works

In the Captain Power episode "Final Stand," Tank mentions that he's from the Babylon 5 Genetic Engineering Colony.

In the Captain Power episode "A Summoning of Thunder Part 2," when Hawk activates the first power suit, Mentor says, "And so it begins." This has been confirmed by JMS as a "Koshism" he threw in.

In the JMS novel "Othersyde," Babylon 5 is mentioned as one of the characters' favorite TV series.

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Last update: November 5, 1999