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Season 1: "Signs and Portents"
Season 2: "The Coming of Shadows"
Season 3: "Point of No Return"
Season 4: "No Surrender, No Retreat"

Assistants to the Ambassadors

Vir Cotto - Stephen Furst
Centauri assistant to Londo. Generally timid and unsure of himself, Vir occasionally works up the nerve to confront Londo about the dangerous path he's following by dealing with Morden.

Na'Toth - Mary Kay Adams
A female Narn, assistant to G'Kar. She is one of the few who he's told about his discovery that a new race (or rather, a very old race) is on the move. She is fiercely loyal to G'Kar, even if he's not ready to believe it at first. She prefers the direct approach rather than G'Kar's subterfuge and deception.

Lennier - Bill Mumy
Delenn's aide, fresh out of a monastery on the Minbari homeworld. He reveres Delenn as an almost holy figure and accepts her transformation without question. Still something of an innocent thanks to his isolated upbringing, Lennier is slowly learning the ways of diplomacy.

Other Characters

Lt. Warren Keffer - Robert Russler
Head of Zeta Squadron, the newest of Babylon 5's fighter wings. Keffer leads many of the excursions away from the station, when the presence of a command-level officer isn't required. Keffer's family is back on Earth.

Morden - Ed Wasser
Little is known about the human agent of the Shadows. He is able to communicate with them directly, and is one of the few who know they've been on Babylon 5. Never a major player, he is always ready to talk to Londo and pass messages to and from his "associates." Delenn and G'Kar have met him, but only Delenn has any idea who he is. Morden is meticulously polite, but nonetheless is a menacing presence who can casually discuss the deaths of tens of thousands of Narn as easily as most people talk about the weather.

President Morgan Clark - Gary McGurk
When President Santiago was killed in an "accidental" explosion, Clark took office and immediately began his own agenda. He personally assigned Sheridan to his position, unaware of Sheridan's interest in fighting the mounting corruption in Earth government. Not much of an advocate of Babylon 5's interests.

Lyta Alexander - Patricia Tallman
Lyta was Babylon 5's first commercial telepath, rating P5, in her early thirties or late twenties. She was transferred off the station shortly after examining Kosh, presumably due to her newfound knowledge of the Vorlons.

Zack Allen - Jeff Conaway
One of Garibaldi's lieutenants, Zack is earnest and trustworthy, if not necessarily the brightest person on the station. After the arrest of Garibaldi's old aide for attempted murder (cf. "Revelations,") Zack has risen to a new level of importance in Garibaldi's staff.

Ambassador Jeffrey Sinclair - Michael O'Hare
The first commander of Babylon 5. Shortly after the death of President Santiago, Sinclair was recalled to Earth and assigned to a new post, as the first human ambassador to the Minbari (cf. comic "In Darkness Find Me.") He was named commander of Babylon 5 at the insistence of the Minbari, who captured him during the Battle of the Line and scanned him. Delenn is certain Sinclair has an important destiny (cf. "Soul Hunter," "A Voice in the Wilderness, part 2.") This is borne out by the brief glimpse into the future in "Babylon Squared," in which he was the leader of an army of light fighting in a great war.

See also JMS' announcement of, and some subsequent discussion about, Michael O'Hare's departure.

Bester - Walter Koenig
A Psi-Cop, one of an elite unit of the Psi Corps whose function is to track down rogue telepaths, among other things. Perhaps in part because of his P12 psi rating -- more than twice as high as Talia's -- he seems to have risen to a position of some importance in the Corps. Bester ruthlessly pursues his agenda, which most of the time is the same as the Corps'.

Lord Refa - William Forward
A ruthless, unprincipled Centauri noble with whom Londo is cooperating in a bid for power. First appears in "The Geometry of Shadows."

The Reference section contains a complete cast list by character and actor name.

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