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Browse Your Music Directories

Unless you create PHJ files to tell it otherwise, PhJuke's browser window navigates your music directory structure. Each directory is displayed as a list of buttons:

File Type Button Style Action When Clicked
PHJ files Blue with large white text Loads the PHJ file into the browser window
Subdirectories Blue with large yellow text (but see below) Loads the subdirectory's contents into the browser window
Playlist files Grey with white text Loads a playlist (.m3u or .txt) file. Can add the file's contents to the current playlist or replace the current playlist, depending on whether the "Auto-clear before loading a playlist" menu item is checked. If shuffle mode is active, the current playlist is shuffled after the file is loaded.
MP3 files Wide, short green with small white text Adds the MP3 to the playlist. If it's the first one, starts playing.

If you'd like to use images, such as scanned album covers, to browse your music collection, there are two ways to do it. The most flexible is to create a set of PHJ files. But you can also use the directory browser. If a directory contains a file cover.jpg or cover.gif, that image is loaded into the button for the subdirectory. The subdirectory name is displayed under the image, so you can use the same image in several places and still tell which button is which.

Example: If you're looking at a directory with the following subdirectories and contents:

Another Song.mp3
More Albums.phj
All Songs.m3u

You'll get a menu with:

  • A blue-with-white-text More Albums button, which moves to the menu defined by More Albums.phj when selected.
  • A blue-with-yellow-text Album1 button, which navigates to the Album1 subdirectory when selected.
  • A blue-with-yellow-text Album2 button with the picture in Album2/cover.jpg above the text, which navigates to the Album2 subdirectory when selected.
  • A blue-with-yellow-text Album3 button, which navigates to the Album3 subdirectory when selected.
  • A green Another Song.mp3 button, which adds the song to the playlist when selected.

Future Directions

The button styles of the various file types should be customizable.

Steven Grimm