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Compiled by: David Henderson
Last updated: 7/27/99
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This edition covers, in order:



Tony Abatemarco               Verchan (The Paragon of Animals)
Ian Abercrombie               Correlilmurzon (Acts of Sacrifice)
Diane Adair                   Mila Shar (The War Prayer)
Diane Adair                   Markab Mother (Confessions and Lamentations)
Diane Adair                   Narn Mother (Comes the Inquisitor)
Mary Kay Adams                Na'Toth (Second Season[23c])
Scott Adams                   Mr. Adams (Moments of Transition)
Paul Ainsley                  Centauri #1 (Acts of Sacrifice)
Aki Aleong                    Senator Hidoshi (Deathwalker, By Any Means
                              Necessary, A Voice in the Wilderness Part Two)
Wayne Alexander               Sebastian (Comes the Inquisitor)
Wayne Alexander               G'Dan (And the Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place)
Wayne Alexander               Lorien (The Hour of the Wolf, Whatever Happened
                              to Mr. Garibaldi?, The Summoning, Falling Toward
                              Apotheosis, Into the Fire, Sleeping in Light)
Wayne Alexander               Drazi (Intersections in Real Time)
Wayne Alexander               Drakh (Movements of Fire and Shadow, The Fall of
                              Centauri Prime, A Call to Arms)
Wayne Alexander               Soul One (The River of Souls)
Eddie Allen                   Man (A Race Through Dark Places)
Bob Amaral                    Customer (The River of Souls)
Caroline Ambrose              Lara (A Tragedy of Telepaths)
Granville Ames                Psi Cop (And Now For a Word)
Lynn Anderson                 Rose (The Quality of Mercy)
Nathan Anderson               Rastenn (Learning Curve)
Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter       Merchant (Thirdspace)
Freddy Andreiuci              Worker (A Tragedy of Telepaths)
Jennifer Anglin               Deeron (Points of Departure)
Jennifer Anglin               Alien #1 (The Long Dark)
Jennifer Anglin               Narn Second (Acts of Sacrifice)
Sharon Annett                 Mary [Garibaldi] (Sleeping in Light)
Michael Ansara                Elric (The Geometry of Shadows)
Apesanahkwat                  Telepath #1 (A Race Through Dark Places)
Carmen Argenziano             Urza Jaddo (Knives)
Vaughn Armstrong              Security Guard #1 (Messages From Earth, Point of
                              No Return)
Lewis Arquette                General Smits (Point of No Return)
Toni Attell                   Med Tech #1 (Soul Hunter)
Jeff Austin                   Centauri #1 (Midnight on the Firing Line)
Erick Avari                   Rabbi Leo Meyers (And the Rock Cried Out No
                              Hiding Place)
Jason Azikiwe                 Captain Sterns (In the Beginning)


Sharrise Baker                IPX Official (Patterns of the Soul)
Jennifer Balgobin             Dr. Lilian Hobbs (Interludes and Examinations,
Jennifer Balgobin             Dr. Hobbes [sic] (Objects at Rest)
Joe Banks                     Guard (And the Sky Full of Stars)
Adrienne Barbeau              Amanda Carter (A Spider in the Web)
Beece Barkett                 Woman (The River of Souls)
Carolyn Barkin                ISN Reporter (Lines of Communication)
Julian Barnes                 Durano (Into the Fire)
Craig Barnett                 Security Guard (A Voice in the Wilderness Part
Steven R. Barnett             Eric (The Gathering)
Blaire Baron                  Carolyn Sykes (The Gathering)
Majel Barrett                 Lady Morella (Point of No Return)
Dana Barron                   Lauren Ashley (The Corps is Mother The Corps is
Tim Barron                    Humanoid (The Long Night)
Thom Barry                    Maintenance Worker (Grey 17 is Missing)
Yasemin Baytok                Centauri Woman (In the Beginning)
Michael Beck                  Abel Horn (A Spider in the Web)
Michael Beck                  Mr. Jones (The Well of Forever)
Daniel Beer                   Patrick (A Distant Star)
Shari Belafonte               Dr. Elizabeth Trent (Thirdspace)
Douglas Bennett               First Man (Divided Loyalties)
Langdon Bensing               Derek Mobotabwe (A Voice in the Wilderness Part
Jim Bentley                   Man (Soul Hunter)
Philippe Bergeron             Lurker (The Quality of Mercy)
Carlos Bernard                Communications (A Call to Arms)
Anne Betancourt               Dr. Gonzales (A Day in the Strife)
Turhan Bey                    Centauri Emperor (The Coming of Shadows)
Turhan Bey                    Turval (Learning Curve)
Richard Biggs                 Dr. Stephen Franklin (In the Beginning, First
                              Season to Fifth Season, Thirdspace, The River of
Richard Biggs                 Stephen Franklin (Sleeping in Light)
Theodore Bikel                Rabbi Koslov (TKO)
Theodore Bikel                Lenonn (In the Beginning)
Vincent Bilanco               Maintenance Man (Ceremonies of Light and Dark)
Tom Billet                    Guard (Falling Toward Apotheosis)
Tom Billet                    Centauri Guard (A Tragedy of Telepaths)
Simon Billig                  Ranger (The Fall of Centauri Prime, Objects at
Kristin Birch                 Woman 1 (In the Beginning)
Raye Birk                     William (Intersections in Real Time)
James Black                   Security Guard #1 (Voices of Authority)
Lynn Blades                   News Anchor #2 (Passing Through Gethsemane)
Mark Blankfield               Jenson (The Path of Sorrows)
Tom Booker                    Jinxo (Grail)
J.J. Boone                    Med Tech (Rising Star)
Bruce Boxleitner              Lt. Commander John Sheridan (In the Beginning)
Bruce Boxleitner              Captain John Sheridan (Second Season to Fourth
                              Seasons, Thirdspace)
Bruce Boxleitner              President John Sheridan (Fifth Season, A Call to
Bruce Boxleitner              John Sheridan (Sleeping in Light)
Katy Boyer                    Neeoma Connally (By Any Means Necessary)
Anita Brabec                  Dome Tech #3 (Signs and Portents)
Neil Bradley                  Purple Drazi (The Geometry of Shadows)
Neil Bradley                  Alien #2 (The Long Dark)
Neil Bradley                  Kha'Mak (The Coming of Shadows)
Neil Bradley                  Minbari #3 (There All the Honor Lies)
Neil Bradley                  Narn #2 (The Long Twilight Struggle)
Neil Bradley                  Narn #1 (A Day in the Strife)
Neil Bradley                  Philby (No Surrender No Retreat)
Neil Bradley                  Dr. Liberano Varda (Movements of Fire and Shadow)
Neil Bradley                  Tra'nil (Objects in Motion)
Mark Bramhall                 Centauri #2 (The Long Night)
Kent Broadhurst               Major Krantz (Babylon Squared, War Without End
                              Part Two)
Ungela Brockman               Earthforce NCO (Endgame)
Roy Brocksmith                Brother Alwyn Macomber (The Deconstruction of
                              Falling Stars)
David Allen Brooks            Max Eilerson (Crusade First Season)
Joel Brooks                   Jacob Mayhew (The River of Souls)
Caitlin Brown                 Na'Toth (First Season[3a][23c])
Donovan Brown                 Pak'Ma'Ra Ambassador (The Fall of Night)
Julie Caitlin Brown           Guinevere Corey (There All the Honor Lies[36a])
Julie Caitlin Brown           Na'Toth (A Tragedy of Telepaths[98a])
Peter Brown                   Minister (Intersections in Real Time)
Mongo Brownlee                Enforcer (Learning Curve)
Natalie Brunt                 Business Person (Passing Through Gethsemane)
Macaulay Bruton               Garibaldi's Aide (Mind War, Chrysalis,
Macauley Bruton               Aide (And the Sky Full of Stars)
Macauley Bruton               Tragedy (Eyes)
Burt Bulos                    Navigation (A Call to Arms)
Liz Burnette                  Lurker #1 (Chrysalis)
Chuck Butto                   Security Officer #1 (The War Prayer)


Terry Cain                    Young Woman (Falling Toward Apotheosis)
Ron Campbell                  Messenger (Z'Ha'Dum)
Ron Campbell                  Ambassador #1 (The Summoning)
Ron Campbell                  Drazi Ambassador (The Long Night, Rumors
                              Bargains and Lies, Meditations on the Abyss)
Ron Canada                    Captain Ellis Pierce (A Voice in the Wilderness
                              Part Two)
Ron Campbell                  Drazi (A Call to Arms)
Scott Carollo                 Colonist (Patterns of the Soul)
Brian Carpenter               Callenn (Atonement)
Jane Carr                     Timov (Soul Mates)
Justin Carroll                Comm Officer (In the Beginning)
Jason Carter                  Marcus Cole (Third Season to Fourth Season,
                              Sleeping in Light[110b])
Daniel Bryan Cartmell         Merkat (The Paragon of Animals)
Bernie Casey                  Derek Cranston (Hunter Prey)
Martin Cast                   Findell (Meditations on the Abyss)
John Castellanos              Tafiq Azir (The Ragged Edge)
Jeffrey James Castillo        Guard (Objects in Motion)
Gary Cervantes                Strongarm #1 (And the Sky Full of Stars)
Ardwight Chamberlain          Kosh (In the Beginning, Midnight on the Firing
                              Line, The War Prayer, Deathwalker, Believers,
                              Signs and Portents, Grail, Chrysalis[uncr], The
                              Coming of Shadows, All Alone in the Night, Hunter
                              Prey, There All the Honor Lies, In the Shadow of
                              Z'Ha'Dum, Divided Loyalties, Comes the
                              Inquisitor, The Fall of Night[uncr], Matters of
                              Honor, Passing Through Gethsemane, Dust to Dust,
                              Interludes and Examinations, Walkabout, Z'Ha'Dum,
                              The Hour of the Wolf, Whatever Happened to Mr.
                              Garibaldi?, The Summoning, Falling Toward
                              Apotheosis, Into the Fire[uncr])
Marie Chambers                Sofie Ivanova (Eyes[16a])
Michael Paul Chan             Roberts (The War Prayer)
Jonathan Chapman              Ambassador #1 (Points of Departure)
Jonathan Chapman              Green Drazi #2 (The Geometry of Shadows)
Jonathan Chapman              Narn Pilot #2 (The Coming of Shadows)
Jonathan Chapman              Minbari #2 (There All the Honor Lies)
Jonathan Chapman              Narn Second (The Long Twilight Struggle)
Jonathan Chapman              Drazi Pilot (Matters of Honor)
Jonathan Chapman              Passing Minbari (Point of No Return)
Jonathan Chapman              Religious Minbari (Severed Dreams)
Jonathan Chapman              Brakiri (Interludes and Examinations, Shadow
Jonathan Chapman              Ambassador Lethke (The Summoning)
Jonathan Chapman              Brakiri Ambassador (Rumors Bargains and Lies,
                              Day of the Dead, A Tragedy of Telepaths, And All
                              My Dreams Torn Asunder, The Rules of the Game)
Nancy Linehan Charles         Villager (Patterns of the Soul)
Jacob Chase                   Luc (In the Beginning)
Richard Chaves                Alvares (The War Prayer)
Jim Chiros                    Centauri #1 (Comes the Inquisitor)
Tim Choate                    Zathras (Babylon Squared, War Without End Part
                              One and Two)
Tim Choate                    Zathras (Conflicts of Interest)
Tim Choate                    Polix (The Rules of the Game)
Claudia Christian             Susan Ivanova (In the Beginning[M1a])
Claudia Christian             Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova (First Season)
Claudia Christian             Commander Susan Ivanova (Second Season[23a] to
                              Fourth Season[88a], Thirdspace)
Claudia Christian             Susan Ivanova (Sleeping in Light)
Art Chudabala                 Pvt. Yang (GROPOS)
Michael Max Charles Ciano     Roommate (The Corps is Mother The Corps is Father)
Carl Ciarfalio                Drazi Vendor (Meditations on the Abyss)
Maggie Ciglar                 Tech (Interludes and Examinations)
Lenny Citrano                 Isaac (Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?)
Josh Clark                    Kulomani (Movements of Fire and Shadow)
Alex Cobo                     Max (Rising Star)
David Coburn                  Minbari Ranger [Lennok] (A Call to Arms)
Tim Colceri                   Captain Jankowski (In the Beginning)
Gary Cole                     Captain Matthew Gideon (Crusade First Season)
Clarke Coleman                Telepath (Strange Relations)
Jeffrey Combs                 Harriman Gray (Eyes)
Dawn Comer                    Security Guard (Learning Curve)
Chris Come's                  Aide (War Zone)
Jeff Conaway                  Zack Allan (A Spider in the Web, The Coming of
                              Shadows, Acts of Sacrifice, Hunter Prey, There
                              All the Honor Lies, In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum,
                              Divided Loyalties, The Fall of Night, Third
Jeff Conaway                  Security Chief Zack Allan (Fourth Season[67b] to
                              Fifth Season, Thirdspace, The River of Souls, A
                              Call to Arms)
Jeff Conaway                  Zack Allan (Sleeping in Light)
Edward Conery                 Devereaux (Chrysalis, The Geometry of Shadows)
Mark Conley                   Tech #1 (Soul Hunter)
David Austin Cook             Special Agent #1 (Survivors)
Jeff Corey                    Justin (Z'Ha'Dum)
Nick Corri                    Lt. Ramirez (All Alone in the Night)
Kenneth Cortland              Patient (The Exercise of Vital Powers)
Kenneth Cortland              Telepath (Endgame)
Cosie Costa                   Abbut (Deathwalker)
Frank Costa                   B4 Guard (Babylon Squared)
James Jude Courtney           Gyor (TKO)
James Jude Courtney           Narn #1 (Sic Transit Vir)
Brian Cousins                 Rick (A Race Through Dark Places)
Doug Cox                      Husband (Shadow Dancing)
Joshua Cox                    Dome Tech #2 (Signs and Portents)
Joshua Cox                    Tech #2 (Legacies, A Voice in the Wilderness
                              Part Two)
Joshua Cox                    Tech #1 (Points of Departure, The Geometry of
                              Shadows, A Spider in the Web, GROPOS, All Alone
                              in the Night, Acts of Sacrifice, Hunter Prey,
                              And Now For a Word, Knives, Divided Loyalties,
                              The Long Twilight Struggle, Comes the
                              Inquisitor, The Fall of Night)
Joshua Cox                    Tech (A Distant Star)
Joshua Cox                    Corwin (A Day in the Strife, Voices of
                              Authority, Exogenesis)
Joshua Cox                    Lt. Corwin (Point of No Return, Severed Dreams,
                              Ceremonies of Light and Dark, War Without End
                              Part One, Shadow Dancing, Z'Ha'Dum, Thirdspace,
                              No Surrender No Retreat, No Compromises, A View
                              From the Gallery, Strange Relations, Day of the
                              Dead, Movements of Fire and Shadow, Objects at
                              Rest, The River of Souls)
Joshua Cox                    Lt. Corwin (Objects at Rest)
Kelly Coyle                   Earthforce Liaison (A Voice in the Wilderness
                              Part One)
Andrew Craig                  Human (Confessions and Lamentations)
Andrew Craig                  Client (The Illusion of Truth)
Rick Cramer                   Earthforce Officer (Endgame)
Bryan Cranston                Ericsson (The Long Night)
Kat Cressida                  Kat (Exogenesis[51a])
Kathryn Cressida              Bartender (A Voice in the Wilderness Part One,
                              A Race Through Dark Places, Acts of Sacrifice)
Anthony Crivello              John (No Compromises)
David Crowley                 Lou Welch (Survivors)
David Crowley                 Second Guard (The Quality of Mercy)
David L. Crowley              Lou Welch (Eyes, Revelations, The Geometry of
                              Shadows, Soul Mates, GROPOS)
Christopher Curry             Ronald Quantrell (And Now For a Word)
Robin Curtis                  Ambassador Kalika (Deathwalker)
Ryan Cutrona                  Sgt. Major Plug (GROPOS)


Christopher Darga             Narn #1 (Acts of Sacrifice)
David Darling                 Drazi (In the Kingdom of the Blind[97a])
David D. Darling              Guard #1 (Soul Hunter)
Henry Darrow                  Dr. Indiri (The Illusion of Truth)
Lane Davies                   Callier (In the Beginning[uncr])
Lane Davies                   Grey Council #1 (Babylon Squared[uncr])
Timothy Davis-Reed            Man 1 (In the Beginning)
Vincent Deadrick, Jr.         Tough Guy (Meditations on the Abyss)
Vincent Deadrick, Jr.         Brakiri (And All My Dreams Torn Asunder)
Peter Deanda                  General Thompson (Patterns of the Soul)
Wanda De Jesus                Sarah (Hunter Prey)
Danny De La Paz               Running Man (Divided Loyalties)
Anthona DeLongis              Harry (Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?)
Kim Delgado                   Dome Tech #3 (Points of Departure)
Kim Delgado                   Comm Tech (A Distant Star)
Pancho Demmings               Alpha 7 (In the Beginning)
Joey Dente                    Luko (Rising Star)
Diane Dilascio                Telepath #2 (A Race Through Dark Places)
Robert Ditillio               Norg (Born To the Purple)
Robert Ditillio               Ambassador #1 (Deathwalker)
Carrie Dobro                  Dr. Harrison (Exogenesis)
Carrie Dobro                  Brakiri (Racing Mars)
Carrie Dobro                  Dureena Nafeel (A Call to Arms, Crusade First
Juli Doland                   Pilot #1 (The Fall of Night)
Tom Donaldson                 Cutter (Survivors)
Roy Dotrice                   Frederick Lantze (The Fall of Night)
Jeff Doucette                 2nd Man (The River of Souls)
Sarah Douglas                 Jha'dur (Deathwalker)
Brad Dourif                   Brother Edward (Passing Through Gethsemane)
Don Dowe                      Earth Fighter (Mind War)
Robin Atkin Downes            Morann (In the Beginning)
Robin Atkin Downes            Grey Council #1 (Atonement)
Robin Atkin Downes            Byron Gordon (No Compromises, The Paragon of
                              Animals, A View From the Gallery, Strange
                              Relations, Secrets of the Soul, In the Kingdom
                              of the Blind, A Tragedy of Telepaths, Phoenix
Jerry Doyle                   Michael Garibaldi (The Gathering)
Jerry Doyle                   Security Chief Michael Garibaldi (First Season
                              to Third Season)
Jerry Doyle                   Michael Garibaldi (Fourth Season[67a] to Fifth
                              Season, The River of Souls, A Call to Arms,
                              Sleeping in Light)
Alastair Duncan               Latimere (The Deconstruction of Falling Stars)
Merrin Dungey                 Security Guard #2 (Messages From Earth)
Vincent Duvall                Centauri Envoy (There All the Honor Lies)
Fiona Dwyer                   Kirrin (Secrets of the Soul)


Rodney Eastman                Kiron Maray (The War Prayer)
Monique Edwards               Officer (The Wheel of Fire)
Maggie Egan                   Newsperson (Midnight on the Firing Line)
Maggie Egan                   INS [sic] Reporter (Survivors)
Maggie Egan                   ISN Reporter (GROPOS, Confessions and
                              Lamentations, Objects at Rest)
Maggie Egan                   News Anchor (Chrysalis)
Maggie Egan                   ISN Reporter #1 (Point of No Return, Severed
Maggie Egan                   Anchor (Endgame, Rising Star)
Maggie Egan                   ISN Anchor (War Zone)
Rob Elk                       Henry Ellis (The Deconstruction of Falling
Harlan Ellison                Sparky the Computer (Ceremonies of Light and
Harlan Ellison                Psi Cop (The Face of the Enemy)
Harlan Ellison                Voice of Zooty (Day of the Dead)
Robert Englund                Jeremiah (Grey 17 is Missing)
Fred Estrada                  Cultist #1 (Ruling From the Tomb)
Timothy Eyster                Simon (No Compromises)


Frank Farmer                  General Miller (Eyes)
Sav Farrow                    Tech #1 (Infection)
Sav Farrow                    Tech #2 (Deathwalker)
Rus Fega                      Merchant #1 (Points of Departure)
Karen Fineman                 Kelley (Endgame)
Don Fischer                   Captain Henson (War Zone)
Bridget Flanery               Zoe (Day of the Dead)
John Fleck                    Del Varner (The Gathering)
John Flinn                    Mr. Flinn (Grail)
John Flinn                    Obnoxious Man (Convictions)
Mark Folger                   Centauri (Passing Through Gethsemane)
Brendan Ford                  Tannier (Learning Curve)
Brendan Ford                  Gordon (The Corps is Mother The Corps is Father)
Steven Ford                   First Officer (In the Beginning)
Ken Foree                     P.F.C. Large (GROPOS)
William Forward               Refa (The Geometry of Shadows, The Coming of
William Forward               Lord Refa (Knives, The Long Twilight Struggle,
                              Ceremonies of Light and Dark, And the Rock Cried
                              Out No Hiding Place)
Robert Foxworth               General William Hague (Points of Departure, All
                              Alone in the Night)
Kevin Fry                     Centauri Guard (War Without End Part One and Two)
Mira Furlan                   Delenn (In the Beginning, The Gathering, First
                              Season to Fifth Season, Thirdspace, Sleeping in
Stephen Furst                 Vir (First Season to Third Season)
Stephen Furst                 Vir Cotto (Fourth Season to Fifth Season,
                              Thirdspace, Sleeping in Light)


Elisa Pensler Gabrielli       Guest Liaison (Mind War)
Silvana Gallardo              Maya Hernandez (Believers)
Matt Gallini                  Rolf (A Call to Arms)
Richard Gant                  Captain Edward MacDougan (No Surrender No
                              Retreat, The Face of the Enemy)
Albert Garcia                 Ramirez (The Illusion of Truth)
Elisa Beth Garver             Tech #2 (GROPOS, Knives, The Long Twilight
                              Struggle, The Fall of Night)
Marcia Mitzman Gaven          Commander Sandra Levitt (No Surrender No
Christina Gavin               Telepath (A Tragedy of Telepaths)
Mike Genovese                 Drake (The Corps is Mother The Corps is Father)
Denise Gentile                Lise Hampton (A Voice in the Wilderness Part
                              Two, Babylon Squared, Conflicts of Interest, The
                              Exercise of Vital Powers, The Face of the Enemy)
Denise Gentile                Lise Hampton Edgars (Rising Star)
Denise Gentile                Lise Hampton-Edgars (Darkness Ascending, The
                              Wheel of Fire, Objects in Motion)
Valeria Ghiran                ISN Reporter (A Call to Arms)
Jimm Giannini                 Ock (Born To the Purple)
G. Adam Gifford               Guard (Thirdspace)
Melissa Gilbert               Anna (Shadow Dancing[65a], Z'Ha'Dum)
Erica Gimpel                  Cailyn (Walkabout)
Francois Giroday              Virini (And the Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place)
Trevor Goddard                Trace (Learning Curve)
Steven Golzalez               News Anchor #1 (Passing Through Gethsemane)
Marc Gomes                    Eisensen (Between the Darkness and the Light)
Matt Gottlieb                 ISN Reporter #2 (Severed Dreams)
Ross Gottstein                Vendor (Exogenesis)
John Christian Graas          Johnny (And Now For a Word)
Gary Graham                   Bruder (The Path of Sorrows)
Gerrit Graham                 Lord Kiro (Signs and Portents)
Nancy Lee Grahn               Shaal Mayan (The War Prayer)
John Grantham                 Thug #2 (Shadow Dancing)
Bruce Gray                    Interrogator (Intersections in Real Time,
                              Between the Darkness and the Light)
Jeff Griggs                   Randall (The Illusion of Truth)
Jeff Griggs                   Dan Randall (Racing Mars)
Annie Grindlay                Thirteen/Psi Cop (A Spider in the Web)
Sandey Grinn                  Teronn (A Distant Star)
Sandey Grinn                  Narn Captain (Acts of Sacrifice)
Sandy Grinn                   Patient #2 (The Exercise of Vital Powers[82a])
Richard Grove                 Kalain (Points of Departure)
Bennet Guillory               Merchant #2 (Points of Departure)
Bennet Guillory               Leif Tanner (The Deconstruction of Falling Stars)
Mike Gunther                  Alien #1 (The War Prayer)
Daniel Guzman                 XO (The Path of Sorrows)


Catherine Hader               Young Woman (Points of Departure)
Doug Hale                     Derek Mitchell (The Deconstruction of Falling
Rick Hamilton                 Mitch (The Fall of Night)
Paul Hampton                  The Senator (The Gathering, Midnight on the
                              Firing Line)
Roger Hampton                 Merchant (A Late Delivery From Avalon)
Jack Hannibal                 Peter (Secrets of the Soul, Phoenix Rising)
Joy Hardin                    Narn #1 (The Parliament of Dreams)
Dona Hardy                    Old Woman (A Late Delivery From Avalon)
Eliott Harold                 Human Customer (There All the Honor Lies)
Cheryl Francis Harrington     Senator (Chrysalis)
Michael Harris                Bishop (A Call to Arms)
William Hayes                 Traveler (The Gathering)
Chard Haywood                 Religious #2 (Rumors Bargains and Lies)
Patricia Healy                Mary Ann Cramer (Infection, By Any Means
Chip Heller                   Rowdy #1 (A Voice in the Wilderness Part Two)
Mark Hendrickson              Narn Captain (Midnight on the Firing Line,
Mark Hendrickson              Du'Rog (The Parliament of Dreams)
Mark Hendrickson              Thegras (The War Prayer)
Mark Hendrickson              Grey Council #1 (And the Sky Full of Stars)
Mark Hendrickson              Ashok (Deathwalker)
Mark Hendrickson              Alien #1 (Survivors)
Mark Hendrickson              Grey Council #2 (Babylon Squared)
Mark Hendrickson              Narn Pilot (Chrysalis)
Mark Hendrickson              Ambassador #2 (Points of Departure)
Mark Hendrickson              Human/Alien Customer (There All the Honor Lies)
Mark Hendrickson              Narn #1 (Comes the Inquisitor, The Fall of
Mark Hendrickson              Narn #2 (A Day in the Strife)
Mark Hendrickson              Drazi Ambassador (Shadow Dancing, The Hour of
                              the Wolf)
Mark Hendrickson              Narn Acolyte (The Ragged Edge, Meditations on
                              the Abyss)
Mark Hendrickson              Drakh Captain (War Zone)
Ted W. Henning                Guard #2 (Soul Hunter)
Richard Henry                 Security Man (Legacies)
Roger Hewlett                 Thug (Secrets of the Soul)
Marva Hicks                   Singer (And the Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place)
T.J. Hoban                    Male Hologram (The River of Souls)
Linda Hoffman                 Tech #2 (The Gathering)
Marjean Holden                Navigation (A Call to Arms)
Marjean Holden                Doctor Sarah Chambers (Crusade First Season)
James Hornbeck                Casey (Objects in Motion)
Richard S. Horvitz            Mark (Conflicts of Interest)
Kevyn Major Howard            Officer (The Path of Sorrows)
Rance Howard                  David Sheridan (Severed Dreams, Interludes and
                              Examinations, Rising Star)
J.P. Hubbel                   Evan (Between the Darkness and the Light)
Whip Hubley                   Raider #1 (Signs and Portents)
Endre Hules                   Gen. Yuri Mikhailovich Denisov (A Call to Arms)
Neil Hunt                     Minister Vitari (In the Kingdom of the Blind)
William Dennis Hunt           Centauri Noble (Knives)
Morgan Hunter                 Pvt. Kleist (GROPOS)
Harry Hutchinson              Security Guard #1 (Dust to Dust)
Daniel Hutchison              Security Guard (Infection)
Rif Hutton                    ISN Reporter (The Long Twilight Struggle)
Alex Hyde-White               Pierce Macabee (In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum)


Jim Ishida                    Dr. Tasaki (A Voice in the Wilderness Part One)
Kris Iyer                     Dome Tech (The Summoning)


Clynell Jackson III           Security Guard (Strange Relations)
Robert Jason Jackson          Tech #3 (The Gathering)
Mio R. Jakula                 Ganya Ivanov (In the Beginning)
Milton James                  Centauri Official (Point of No Return)
Nick Jameson                  Minbari Pilot (In the Beginning)
Ken Jenkins                   Captain Trevor Hall (No Surrender No Retreat)
Juanita Jennings              Lieutenant Carr (Ruling From the Tomb)
Gunther Jensen                Nightwatch Guard (Point of No Return)
Anne-Marie Johnson            Mariah Cirrus (The Long Dark)
Bart Johnson                  Ranger (The Paragon of Animals)
Rick Johnson                  Security Guard #1 (Convictions)
John-Frederick Jones          Centauri Diplomat (Dust to Dust)
S. Marc Jordan                Shop Owner (Dust to Dust)
Calvin Jung                   Guard (The Parliament of Dreams)
Peter Jurasik                 Londo Mollari (In the Beginning, The Gathering)
Peter Jurasik                 Londo (First Season to Third Season)
Peter Jurasik                 Londo Mollari (Fourth Season to Fifth Season,
                              Sleeping in Light)


Michael Kagan                 Emmett Farquaha (A Late Delivery From Avalon)
Ismael Kanater                Brakiri Salesman (Day of the Dead)
Jonathon Charles Kaplan       Shon (Believers)
Lenore Kasdorf                ISN Reporter (TKO, A Voice in the Wilderness
                              Part One and Part Two)
Andreas Katsulas              G'Kar (In the Beginning, The Gathering, First
                              Season to Fifth Season, Sleeping in Light)
Jack Kehler                   Mr. Chase (Comes the Inquisitor)
Paul Keith                    Drigo (And the Rock Cried Out No Hiding Place)
Robert Keith                  Malcolm (Passing Through Gethsemane)
Sylva Kelegian                Tech #2 (Infection)
Michael Francis Kelly         Guard (Comes the Inquisitor)
Michael Francis Kelly         Security Guard #1 (A Late Delivery From Avalon)
Mike Kennedy                  General Fontaine (In the Beginning)
Jerry Kernion                 Builder (Thirdspace)
Ross Kettle                   Ruell (The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari)
Patrick Kilpatrick            Robert Carlson (Convictions)
Daniel Dae Kim                Lieutenant John Matheson (Crusade First Season)
David A. Kimball              Parks (The Illusion of Truth)
Art Kimbro                    Ray Galus (A Distant Star)
Kip King                      Leo (Thirdspace)
Randall Kirby                 Businessman #1 (The Parliament of Dreams)
James Kiriyama-Lem            Med Tech (Chrysalis, Revelations, A Late
                              Delivery From Avalon)
James Kiriyama-Lem            Medlab Tech (The Long Dark)
Garry Kluger                  Man (Signs and Portents)
Walter Koenig                 Alfred Bester (Mind War, A Race Through Dark
                              Places, Dust to Dust, Ship of Tears, Epiphanies,
                              Moments of Transition, The Face of the Enemy,
                              Rising Star, Strange Relations, A Tragedy of
                              Telepaths, Phoenix Rising, The Corps is Mother
                              The Corps is Father)
Thomas Kopache                Tu'Pari (The Parliament of Dreams)
Wortham Krimmer               Emperor Cartagia (The Hour of the Wolf, Whatever
                              Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?, The Summoning,
                              Falling Toward Apotheosis, The Long Night)
Clyde Kusatsu                 Bill Morishi (Thirdspace)


James Laing                   First Guard (Between the Darkness and the Light)
Steven Hal Lambert            Bloodhound Teep #2 (Strange Relations)
Clayton Landey                Number Two (Racing Mars)
Timothy Landfield             Lorkan #3 (The Rules of the Game)
Sal Landi                     Rolf Mueller (The Rules of the Game)
Jason Larimore                Lurker (Convictions)
Lawrence LeJohn               Bo (A View From the Gallery)
Reggie Lee                    Chen Hikaru (The Corps is Mother The Corps is
Stephen Lee                   Tharg (Believers)
Beverly Leech                 Elizabeth Sheridan (Revelations)
Fredric Lehne                 Ranger (The Coming of Shadows)
Wesley Leong                  Paramedic (Chrysalis)
Drew Letchworth               Comedy (Eyes)
Floyd Levine                  Alex (Thirdspace)
Judy Levitt                   Psi Cop (A Race Through Dark Places, Dust to
James Lew                     Bloodhound Teep #1 (Strange Relations)
Kathleen Lloyd                Elizabeth Metarie (The Deconstruction of Falling
June Lockhart                 Dr. Laura Rosen (The Quality of Mercy)
Linda Lodge                   Mirriam Runningdear (Grail)
Gianin Loffler                Lurker #2 (Chrysalis)
Gianin Loffler                Lurker (A Race Through Dark Places)
Kristopher Logan              Ambassador #3 (Points of Departure)
Alison Lohman                 Claire (The Long Road)
Damian London                 Centauri Senator (The Quality of Mercy)
Damian London                 Centauri Official (Sic Transit Vir)
Damian London                 Minister (The Hour of the Wolf, Whatever
                              Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?, Into the Fire,
Damian London                 Regent (In the Kingdom of the Blind, Movements
                              of Fire and Shadow, The Fall of Centauri Prime)
Victor Love                   Telepath (In the Kingdom of the Blind, Phoenix
Tom Lowe                      Gunman #1 (Born To the Purple)
Curt Lowens                   Varn (A Voice in the Wilderness Part One and
                              Part Two)
Curt Lowens                   Old One (Patterns of the Soul)
Victor Ludlin                 Psi Corps Official (Epiphanies)


Scott MacDonald               First Officer (A Call to Arms)
Thomas MacGreevy              Minister (Darkness Ascending, And All My Dreams
                              Torn Asunder, Movements of Fire and Shadow)
Stephen Macht                 Na'Far (A Day in the Strife)
Tony Maggio                   Samuel Drake (A Call to Arms)
Ossie Mair                    Store Owner (There All the Honor Lies)
Elijha Majar                  Crew #1 (War Zone)
Mary Major                    ISN Reporter (Day of the Dead[96a])
Rosie Malek-Yonan             Doctor (Confessions and Lamentations)
Vimi Mani                     ISN Anchor (Voices of Authority, Messages From
Mike Manzoni                  Guard (Confessions and Lamentations)
Mike Manzoni                  Employee (Objects at Rest)
Rebecca Markham               Sam (War Zone)
David Anthony Marshall        Stephen Petrov (Chrysalis)
Marie Marshall                P.F.C. Dodger (GROPOS)
Marie Marshall                Dodger (Day of the Dead)
Glenn Martin                  Ranger (Interludes and Examinations)
Gregory Martin                Colonel Ari Ben Zayn (Eyes)
Jean-Luc Martin               Emissary (Lines of Communication)
Ricardo Martinez              Worker #2 (By Any Means Necessary)
Wesley Mask                   Maitre D' (Darkness Ascending)
Lee Mathis                    Fighter #1 (Signs and Portents)
Khin-Kyaw Maung               Worker (Falling Toward Apotheosis)
Kevin McBride                 Guard (The Quality of Mercy)
David McCallum                Dr. Vance Hendricks (Infection)
Bart McCarthy                 Shakiri (Moments of Transition)
Bart McCarthy                 Daro (Movements of Fire and Shadow)
Francis X. McCarthy           Minister Vole (In the Kingdom of the Blind)
Leigh J. McCloskey            Thomas (A Tragedy of Telepaths, Phoenix Rising)
J. Patrick McCormack          General Lefcourt (In the Beginning, Endgame)
Doug McCoy                    Guard (Ceremonies of Light and Dark[55a])
Doug E. McCoy                 Alpha Seven (Babylon Squared)
Douglas E. McCoy              Delta 7 (Midnight on the Firing Line)
Douglas E. McCoy              Fighter #2 (Signs and Portents)
Brian McDermott               Durhan (Learning Curve)
Gwen McGee                    Med Tech (Convictions, Dust to Dust)
Bruce McGill                  Major Ryan (Severed Dreams)
Brian Michael McGuire         Man (Soul Mates)
Bryan Michael McGuire         Customs Guard #1 (The Coming of Shadows)
Bryan Michael McGuire         Guard #2 (Hunter Prey)
Gary McGurk                   Morgan Clark (Chrysalis)
Gary McGurk                   President Clark (Revelations, Endgame)
Gary McGurk                   Vice President Clark (Voices of Authority)
Danica McKellar               Aria Tensus (The War Prayer)
Michael McKenzie              Pilgrim (The Parliament of Dreams)
Michael McKenzie              Narn Captain (Mind War, By Any Means Necessary)
Michael McKenzie              Migo (TKO)
Michael McKenzie              Vastor (Points of Departure)
Michael McKenzie              Narn Navigator (Revelations)
Michael McKenzie              Alien Customer (There All the Honor Lies)
Michael McKenzie              Markab Victim (Confessions and Lamentations)
Michael McKenzie              Man (Exogenesis)
Michael McKenzie              Minbari Captain (Walkabout)
Mike McKenzie                 Drazi #1 (Convictions[46a])
Greg McKinney                 Walker Smith (TKO)
Stuart McLean                 Carl (Secrets of the Soul)
Don McMillan                  Bartender (The Corps is Mother The Corps is
Joan McMurtrey                Carolyn (Ship of Tears)
Kate McNeil                   Janice Rosen (The Quality of Mercy)
Ian McShane                   Dr. Robert Bryson (The River of Souls)
Geoff Meed                    Smuggler #1 (Racing Mars)
Alex Mendoza                  Trace Miller (War Zone, Ruling From the Tomb)
Mauricio Mendoza              Ranger (No Compromises)
Erica Mer                     Lyssa (In the Beginning)
Hector Mercado                Pilot (Signs and Portents)
Christopher Michael           Shooter (A Race Through Dark Places)
Judson Mills                  Delta 7 (Thirdspace)
Katherine Mills               Dancer (Born To the Purple)
Kent Minault                  Captain of the Guard (Sleeping in Light)
Kim Miyori                    Captain Sandra Hiroshi (Severed Dreams)
Katherine Moffat              Supervisor (Grey 17 is Missing)
Richard Moll                  Max (Hunter Prey)
Marjorie Monaghan             Number One (Racing Mars, Lines of Communication,
                              The Face of the Enemy, Between the Darkness and
                              the Light, Endgame, Objects in Motion, Objects at
Philip Moon                   Ashi (Dust to Dust)
Diana Morgan                  Alison (Ship of Tears)
Diana Morgan                  Alison Higgins (The Illusion of Truth, The Face
                              of the Enemy)
Akiko Ann Morison             Med Tech (The Very Long Night of Londo Mollari)
Aubrey Morris                 Duncan (Exogenesis)
Phil Morris                   Bill Trainor (Severed Dreams)
Bruce Morrow                  B4 First Officer (War Without End Part Two)
Glenn Morshower               Franke (Acts of Sacrifice)
Eddie Mui                     B4 Tech (War Without End Part Two)
Bill Mumy                     Lennier (First Season to Fifth Season, Sleeping
                              in Light)
William John Murphy           Man #1 (Conflicts of Interest)


Christopher Neame             Knight Two (And the Sky Full of Stars)
Julian Neil                   Lindstrom (Dust to Dust)
Lois Nettleson                Daggair (Soul Mates)
Jani Neuman                   Med Tech (Divided Loyalties)
Julia Nickson                 Catherine Sakai (The Parliament of Dreams, Mind
                              War, Chrysalis)
J. Gordon Noice               Man (Shadow Dancing)
Christy Noonan                Businesswoman (Moments of Transition)
Mike Norris                   Butz (Born To the Purple)
Jim Norton                    Ombuds Wellington (Grail, The Quality of Mercy)
Jim Norton                    Dr. Lazarenn (Confessions and Lamentations)
Jim Norton                    Narn Image (Dust to Dust)
John Novak                    Doctor Alain Lebecque (Ruling From the Tomb)
Miguel A. Nunez, Jr.          Orwell (A Distant Star)


Patrick O'Brien               Cart Owner (Legacies)
Michael O'Connell             Worker #2 (The Long Road)
Raymond O'Connor              Mack (A View From the Gallery)
Jerry O'Donnell               Security Guard #2 (A Late Delivery From Avalon)
Ian Ogilvy                    Lord Jano (In the Kingdom of the Blind)
Soon-Teck Oh                  The Muta-Do (TKO)
Michael O'Hare                Lt. Cmdr. Jeffrey Sinclair (In the Beginning)
Michael O'Hare                Jeffrey Sinclair (The Gathering)
Michael O'Hare                Commander Jeffrey Sinclair (First Season)
Michael O'Hare                Ambassador Jeffrey Sinclair (The Coming of
                              Shadows, War Without End Part One and Two)
Tim O'Hare                    First Mage (A Call to Arms)
Nicholas Ross Oleson          Thug #1 (Shadow Dancing)
Fredi Olster                  Lady Ladira (Signs and Portents)
Tricia O'Neil                 President (In the Beginning)
Tricia O'Neil                 M'ola (Believers)
Walter Oneil                  Crazed Man (Dust to Dust)
Erica Ortega                  Teegarden (Learning Curve)
Matt O'Toole                  First Man (The Path of Sorrows)
Julie Ow                      Med Tech (Rising Star)


Scott Paetty                  Lieutenant Meyers (The Long Road)
Kevin Page                    Businessman (Mind War)
Stuart Pankin                 James Riley (The River of Souls)
Brook Parker                  Lieutenant Ross (War Zone)
F. William Parker             Business Man #1 (The Gathering)
James Parks                   Drakhen (Severed Dreams)
Robert Patteri                EA Pilot (Epiphanies)
Joshua Patton                 Human/Minbari Kosh (The Fall of Night)
Penn & Teller                 Rebo & Zooty (Day of the Dead)
Paul Perri                    Sniper (Ceremonies of Light and Dark)
Rod Perry                     General Netter (Survivors)
Laura Peterson                Gera Akshi (Born To the Purple)
Carl J. Pfeifer               Guard (Moments of Transition)
Robert Phalen                 Andrei Ivanov (Born To the Purple[3b], TKO)
Wiley Pickett                 Man #2 (Conflicts of Interest)
Eric Pierpoint                Daniel (The Deconstruction of Falling Stars)
Greg Poland                   Guard (Between the Darkness and the Light)
Mark S. Porro                 Security Guard (Mind War)
Michael Potter                General Foote (Rising Star)
Beata Pozniak                 President Susanna Luchenko (Rising Star)
Leslie Pratt                  Woman (Exogenesis)
Shirley Prestia               Barbara (Shadow Dancing)
Ray Proscia                   Klaus (The River of Souls)
Mowava Pryor                  Tonia Wallace (GROPOS)
David Purdham                 Captain James (The Face of the Enemy, Between
                              the Darkness and the Light, Endgame)


Jan Rabson                    Vendor (Interludes and Examinations)
Tom Ramirez                   Second Mage (A Call to Arms)
Tony Rayner                   Man (Point of No Return)
Valerie Red-Hors              Technician (Thirdspace)
Carl Reggiardo                Centauri #1 (The Long Night)
Carl Reggiardo                Drazi Vendor (The Rules of the Game)
Damon C. Reiser               Lurker (Hunter Prey)
Clive Revill                  Trakis (Born To the Purple)
Jose Rey                      Eduardo Delvientos (By Any Means Necessary)
Jose Rey                      Dock Worker (And Now For a Word)
Vince Ricotta                 Bryce (The Corps is Mother The Corps is Father)
John Riojas                   Guard (Chrysalis)
Tony Rizzoli                  Guard (Infection)
Jana Robbins                  Ambassador Tal (Secrets of the Soul)
Mario Roberts                 Passerby (Ruling From the Tomb)
Neil Roberts                  Brother Michael (The Deconstruction of Falling
Marianne Robertson            Hostage (The Gathering)
Marianne Robertson            Tech #1 (Midnight on the Firing Line, Born To
                              the Purple, And the Sky Full of Stars,
                              Deathwalker, Survivors, By Any Means Necessary,
                              TKO, Grail, Eyes, Legacies, A Voice in the
                              Wilderness Part One and Part Two, Babylon
Marianne Robertson            Tech #2 (Soul Hunter)
Marianne Robertson            Tech #3 (Infection)
Marianne Robertson            Dome Tech (The Parliament of Dreams, The War
Marianne Robertson            Dome Tech #1 (Mind War, Signs and Portents)
Marianne Robertson            Tech (Chrysalis)
Shelley Robertson             Ms. Constance (The Exercise of Vital Powers)
Glenn Robinson                Head Waiter (The Parliament of Dreams)
Eamonn Roche                  First Man (Grey 17 is Missing)
Jason Rodriguez               Rivera (Ruling From the Tomb)
Tristan Rogers                Malcolm Biggs (The War Prayer)
Mark Rolston                  Karl Mueller (The Quality of Mercy)
Roger Rook                    Lurker (Exogenesis)
Tommy Rosales                 Panicked Man (Babylon Squared)
Jose Rosario                  Nolan (Survivors)
Jamie Rose                    Cynthia Allen (The Rules of the Game)
Romy Rosemont                 Publicist (Sleeping in Light)
Ricco Ross                    Captain Frank (The Face of the Enemy)
Robert Rusler                 Lt. Warren Keffer (Second Season[23b])
Rick Ryan                     Brakiri Ambassador (The Hour of the Wolf)
Rex Ryon                      First Man (The Long Road)


Dan Sachoff                   Aide (Sleeping in Light)
Robin Sachs                   Coplann (In the Beginning)
Robin Sachs                   Hedronn (Points of Departure, All Alone in the
Robin Sachs                   Na'Kal (The Fall of Night, Walkabout)
Robin Sachs                   Na'Tok (Movements of Fire and Shadow, The Fall
                              of Centauri Prime)
David Sage                    Business Man #2 (The Gathering[0a])
David Sage                    Centauri Merchant (Acts of Sacrifice)
Patrick St. Esprit            Captain Ross (The Path of Sorrows)
Jean St. James                Sheila (The River of Souls)
John St. Ryan                 Troublemaker (A Day in the Strife)
Lauren Sanchez                News Anchor (Epiphanies)
John Sanderford               Mr. Ames (War Zone)
Dex Elliott Sanders           Jonathan Harris (The Corps is Mother The Corps
                              is Father)
William Sanderson             Deuce (Grail, Thirdspace)
Sophia Santi                  Worker #1 (The Long Road)
David A. Saunders             Navigation (The Well of Forever)
Rick Scarry                   Centauri (Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?)
Will Schaub                   Jenson (War Zone)
Nikki Schieler Ziering        Female Hologram (The River of Souls)
Mark Schneider                Wade (Racing Mars, Conflicts of Interest, The
                              Exercise of Vital Powers, The Face of the Enemy)
Reiner Schone                 Dukhat (In the Beginning, Atonement)
Robert Schuch                 Lurker (A Late Delivery From Avalon)
John Schuck                   Draal (The Long Twilight Struggle[42a], Voices
                              of Authority)
Dwight Schultz                Amis (The Long Dark)
Tracy Scoggins                Captain Elizabeth Lochley (Fifth Season[110a])
Tracy Scoggins                Elizabeth Lochley (The River of Souls, A Call to
Tracy Scoggins                Captain Elizabeth Lochley (Crusade First Season)
Anneliza Scott                Assistant (Between the Darkness and the Light)
Donovan Scott                 Captain Jack (Racing Mars)
Judson Scott                  Knight One (And the Sky Full of Stars)
Mik Scriba                    Barkeep (The Long Road)
William Scudder               Ambassador #2 (The Summoning)
William Scudder               Jester (The Long Night)
William Scudder               Drazi Captain (Secrets of the Soul)
Bluejean Ashley Secrist       Markab Girl (Confessions and Lamentations)
Paolo Seganti                 Phillipe (Lines of Communication)
Johnny Sekka                  Dr. Benjamin Kyle (The Gathering)
Carolyn Seymour               Senator Crosby (Endgame)
Edmund Shaff                  Business Man (Darkness Ascending)
David Shark                   Man (Dust to Dust)
Debra Sharkey                 Tech #2 (Points of Departure)
Debra Sharkey                 Med Tech (Ship of Tears)
Shari Shattuck                Julie Musante (Voices of Authority)
Martin Sheen                  The Soul Hunter (The River of Souls)
Larita Shelby                 Med Tech (A Day in the Strife)
LaRita Shelby-Mullen          Lynne Anderson (A Call to Arms)
W. Morgan Sheppard            The Soul Hunter (Soul Hunter)
W. Morgan Sheppard            Warmaster G'Sten (The Long Twilight Struggle)
Lorraine Shields              Cook (Messages From Earth)
James Shigeta                 Taro Isogi (A Spider in the Web)
Fumi Shishino                 Security Guard (And the Sky Full of Stars)
Fumi Shishino                 Screaming Woman (Chrysalis)
Debby Shiveley                Aide (Hunter Prey)
Robert Silver                 Reno (Signs and Portents)
Robert Silver                 Merchant (Hunter Prey)
Jeff Silverman                Man [Mr. Clute] (The River of Souls)
Tom Simmons                   Security Guard #2 (Convictions)
George Simms                  Security Guard (Divided Loyalties)
Guy Siner                     Religious #1 (Rumors Bargains and Lies)
Michelan Sisti                Takarn (A Voice in the Wilderness Part Two)
Wylie Small                   Jacque Lee (Exogenesis)
Tucker Smallwood              David Endawi (Matters of Honor)
David Anthony Smith           Man (The Deconstruction of Falling Stars)
Michael Bailey Smith          G'Dok (A Day in the Strife)
John Snyder                   Soul Hunter #2 (Soul Hunter)
John Snyder                   Orin Zento (By Any Means Necessary)
Ebony Monique Solomon         Young Woman (Conflicts of Interest)
Kayla Spell                   Sarah Anderson (A Call to Arms)
Nancy Stafford                Dr. Mary Kirkish (Messages From Earth)
Michael Jeffrie Stanton       Dealer (The Corps is Mother The Corps is Father)
Brian Starcher                Other Pilot (Points of Departure)
Timothy Starks                Guard (Racing Mars)
Tony Steedman                 Dr. Everett Jacobs (Hunter Prey)
Eric Steinberg                Samuel (Exogenesis)
Skip Stellrecht               Guard (No Surrender No Retreat)
Skip Stellrecht               Security Guard (Secrets of the Soul)
Skip Stellrecht               Customs Officer (Day of the Dead)
Dawn Stern                    Alison (The Path of Sorrows)
G. W. Stevens                 Forell (Lines of Communication)
Nils Allen Stewart            Large Man (Matters of Honor)
Julian Stone                  Captain Mitchell (Endgame)
Kim Strauss                   Ensign (Points of Departure)
Kim Strauss                   Green Drazi (The Geometry of Shadows)
Kim Strauss                   Markab Ambassador (The Long Dark, Confessions
                              and Lamentations)
Kim Strauss                   Narn Pilot #1 (The Coming of Shadows)
Kim Strauss                   Drazi Ambassador (The Fall of Night, The Paragon
                              of Animals, A Tragedy of Telepaths, And All My
                              Dreams Torn Asunder)
Kim Strauss                   Narn #2 (Comes the Inquisitor)
Kim Strauss                   Vizak (Dust to Dust)
Kim Strauss                   Narn (Severed Dreams)
Kim Strauss                   Lennan (Ceremonies of Light and Dark)
Kim Strauss                   G'Lorn (The Long Night)
Don Stroud                    Caliban (TKO)
Don Stroud                    Boggs (Ceremonies of Light and Dark)
Carel Struycken               Trader (Soul Mates)
James Patrick Stuart          Presidential Aide (In the Beginning)
Otto Stu:rcke                 Ensign (War Zone)
Sean Gregory Sullivan         Ashan (There All the Honor Lies)
Joel Swetow                   Ris (The Rules of the Game)
Kitty Swink                   Senator (Matters of Honor)
Keith Szarabajka              Matthew Stoner (Soul Mates)


Warren Tabata                 Guard (Revelations, The Geometry of Shadows, The
                              Long Dark)
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa          Morishi (Convictions)
Brian Tahash                  Smuggler #2 (Racing Mars)
Joane Takahashi               Dr. Tashaki (The Deconstruction of Falling
Patricia Tallman              Lyta Alexander (The Gathering, Divided
                              Loyalties, Passing Through Gethsemane,
                              Walkabout[62a], Fourth Season to Fifth Season,
                              Thirdspace, Sleeping in Light)
David Wells                   Commander Nils (Sleeping in Light)
Russ Tamblyn                  Captain Jack Maynard (A Distant Star)
Ken Taylor                    Jim Bitterbane (The Deconstruction of Falling
Marshall Teague               Nelson Drake (Infection)
Marshall Teague               Narn (All Alone in the Night)
Marshall Teague               Ta'Lon (A Day in the Strife, Point of No Return,
                              The Ragged Edge, Objects at Rest)
Marshall Teague               Captain Daniels (The Long Road)
Teller, Penn &                [see Penn & Teller]
Carmen Thomas                 Lyndisty (Sic Transit Vir)
Craig Thomas                  Human (Comes the Inquisitor)
Elaine Thomas                 Lianna Kemmer (Survivors)
Jeremy Thomas                 Man (The Corps is Mother The Corps is Father)
Tim Thomerson                 Senator McQuate (War Zone)
Andrea Thompson               Talia Winters (First Season to Second Season)
Brian Thompson                Robert Black (Patterns of the Soul)
Dani Thompson                 Ombuds (Dust to Dust)
Malachi Throne                Centauri Prime Minister (The Coming of Shadows)
Tony Todd                     Captain Leonard Anderson (A Call to Arms)
Tamlyn Tomita                 Laurel Takashima (The Gathering)
Doug Tompos                   Med Tech (Interludes and Examinations)
Lair Torrant                  Ranger (Sleeping in Light)
Nick Toth                     Exeter (The Deconstruction of Falling Stars)
Beth Toussaint                Anna Sheridan (Revelations[65a])
Patty Toy                     PSI Corps Rep (A Voice in the Wilderness Part
Patty Toy                     Ogilvie (A Distant Star)
Peter Trencher                Carn Mollari (Midnight on the Firing Line)
Ed Trotta                     Lt. General O'Reilly (Point of No Return)
Mark Rafael Truitt            Minbari Warrior (In the Beginning)
Louis Turenne                 Draal (A Voice in the Wilderness Part One and
                              Part Two[42a])
Louis Turenne                 Brother Theo (Convictions, Passing Through
                              Gethsemane, And the Rock Cried Out No Hiding


Fabiana Udenio                Adira Tyree (Born To the Purple, Day of the
Grace Una                     Alisa Beldon (Legacies)


Thomas Valinote               Security Guard #2 (Points of Departure)
Blair Valk                    Mariel (Soul Mates)
Musetta Vander                Felicia (Between the Darkness and the Light)
Floyd Vaughn                  Worker #1 (By Any Means Necessary)
John Vickery                  Neroon (Legacies, All Alone in the Night, Grey
                              17 is Missing, Rumors Bargains and Lies, Moments
                              of Transition)
John Vickery                  Mr. Welles (The Fall of Night)
Erich Martin Von Hicks        Businessman #2 (The Parliament of Dreams)


Robin Wake                    Young Lianna (Survivors)
Andrew Walker                 Psi Cop (Matters of Honor)
Charles Walker                Ben (Conflicts of Interest)
Jessica Walter                Senator Elise Voudreau (A Spider in the Web)
Joe Wandell                   Communications Officer (The Well of Forever)
Sophie Ward                   Isabelle (The Path of Sorrows)
Eric Ware                     Tim (Patterns of the Soul)
David Warner                  Aldous Gajic (Grail)
James Warwick                 Matthew Duffin (Exogenesis)
Ed Wasser                     Guerra (The Gathering)
Ed Wasser                     Morden (Signs and Portents, Chrysalis,
                              Revelations, In the Shadow of Z'Ha'Dum, Matters
                              of Honor, Ceremonies of Light and Dark,
                              Interludes and Examinations, Z'Ha'Dum, The Hour
                              of the Wolf, Falling Toward Apotheosis, Into the
                              Fire, Day of the Dead)
Felicity Waterman             Kelsey (Mind War)
Kathe Weeks                   Diane (The Rules of the Game)
Jerry Weil                    Technician (A Voice in the Wilderness Part One)
Bergen Williams               Security Guard (Chrysalis)
Jim Cody Williams             Thug #1 (Ceremonies of Light and Dark)
Justin Williams               Mitchell (And the Sky Full of Stars)
Lynn Red Williams             Customs Guard (Signs and Portents)
Paul Williams                 Taq (Acts of Sacrifice)
Walter Williamson             Paretti (Objects in Motion)
Donald Willis                 Trader (Exogenesis)
Mirron E. Willis              Brannagan (The Ragged Edge)
Paul Winfield                 General Richard Franklin (GROPOS)
Leslie Wing                   Mother (And Now For a Word)
Mel Winkler                   Reverend Will Dexter (And the Rock Cried Out No
                              Hiding Place)
Time Winters                  Rathenn (War Without End Part One, Grey 17 is
Edward Woodward               Alwyn (The Long Road)
Peter Woodward                Galen (A Call to Arms, Crusade First Season)
Dan Woren                     Bartender (Confessions and Lamentations)
Mary Woronov                  Ko D'Ath (Born to the Purple[3a])
Greg Wrangler                 Security Guard #1 (Points of Departure)


Momo Yashima                  Dr. Goyokin (Born To the Purple)
Paul Yeuell                   Customs Guard (Infection)
Richard Yniguez               Montoya (Meditations on the Abyss, Darkness
Michael York                  Arthur (A Late Delivery From Avalon)
William Allen Young           Jason Ironheart (Mind War, A Race Through Dark
Jim Youngs                    Benson (And the Sky Full of Stars)


Efrem Zimbalist, Jr.          William Edgars (The Exercise of Vital Powers,
                              The Face of the Enemy)
Constance Zimmer              Young Woman Patient (The Quality of Mercy)
Kim Zimmer                    Cynthia Torqueman (And Now For a Word)
Eric Zivot                    Spragg (War Without End Part One)
Eric Zivot                    Verano (The Summoning)
Harley Zumbrum                Bruiser (Ruling From the Tomb)


David Sage was credited as "Dave Sage" in the original pilot, but as "David Sage" in the special edition.
Caitlin Brown (as Na'Toth) was credited in all first season episodes except "Born To the Purple", which had Mary Woronov (as Ko D'Ath).
Robert Phalen's character was credited as "Andrei Ivanova" rather than "Andrei Ivanov" in "Born to the Purple".
Marie Chambers' character was credited as "Sofie Ivanov" rather than "Sofie Ivanova" in "Eyes".
Claudia Christian's character was credited as "Lt. Commander Susan Ivanova" for the first three episodes of the second season.
Robert Rusler's character was credited as "Warren Keffer" for the first five episodes of the second season.
The character of Na'Toth was played by Caitlin Brown during the first season, and was replaced by Mary Kay Adams in the second[98a].
Caitlin Brown and Julie Caitlin Brown are the same person.
The character of Draal was played by Louis Turenne in "A Voice in the Wilderness", and was replaced by John Schuck in "The Long Twilight Struggle". John Schuck played Draal in later episodes.
Mike McKenzie is probably the same person as Michael McKenzie.
Judy Levitt's character was credited as "PSI Cop" in "Dust to Dust", but as "Psi Cop" elsewhere.
Kat Cressida and Kathryn Cressida are the same person, playing the same character.
It's likely that Doug McCoy, Doug E. McCoy, and Douglas E. McCoy are the same person.
Patricia Tallman was credited as "Patrica Tallman" in the credits. This was not corrected in the repeat.
The character of Anna Sheridan was played by Beth Toussaint in "Revelations", and was replaced by Melissa Gilbert in "Shadow Dancing" and "Z'Ha'Dum". Photos of Melissa Gilbert were used in later episodes.
Jerry Doyle's character was credited as "Security Chief Michael Garibaldi" for the first seven episodes of the fourth season.
Jeff Conaway's character was credited as "Zack Allan" for the first seven episodes of the fourth season.
Sandy Grinn is probably the same person as Sandey Grinn.
Claudia Christian is not credited for "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars", produced in the fifth season but shown in the fourth.
Mary Major was credited as "ISN Reporter" in "Day of the Dead", but her credit was not included in the home video version of the episode.
David Darling and David D. Darling are probably the same person.
Julie Caitlin Brown reprised the role of Na'Toth in the fifth season. Mary Kay Adams was Na'Toth in the second season, and Julie Caitlin Brown, credited as Caitlin Brown, was Na'Toth in the first season.
Tracy Scoggins was not credited for "Sleeping in Light", produced in the fourth season but shown in the fifth, which gives her a total of 21 episodes in the fourth and fifth seasons.
Jason Carter was credited in both "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars" and "Sleeping in Light", which gives him a total of 23 episodes in the fourth and fifth seasons.
Claudia Christian was not credited for her role as Susan Ivanova in the TV movie "In the Beginning"

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