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NOTE: The newsgroup name links will not work from some sites; if you get an error, ask your system administrator to point you to some news-reading software.

rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated is a moderated newsgroup for general B5 discussion. It was created April 2, 1996. Any show-related topic is allowed, and criticism is accepted as readily as praise, but flames, story ideas, commercial postings, and off-topic messages will be blocked. For complete details see the group's official Web page. Series creator J. Michael Straczynski (JMS) participates in this group. You can post a message to the group even if you don't have Usenet access by sending your message to b5mod@deepthot.ml.org.

An archive of most of JMS' Usenet articles from both of the above groups is available.

A mailing list exists for people who're only interested in reading JMS's messages to the group. It also gets compilations of his messages from CompuServe and other services.

rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5 is an unmoderated board for Babylon 5 discussion. This group was created the week of March 28, 1994. JMS doesn't read this group, but some other B5 staff members do, so please do not post story ideas. There's a mailing list for them.

rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.info is a moderated newsgroup for informational messages about Babylon 5, including compilations of JMS messages from other online services, notes about schedule changes at local stations, and so on.

An archive of messages from the group is available.

alt.tv.babylon-5 is the old Babylon 5 newsgroup. This group was created the week of Feb. 15, 1993. You can post to the group, if you don't have access, by emailing to alt-tv-babylon-5@vtserf.cc.vt.edu.

uk.media.tv.sf.babylon5 is for discussions about the UK broadcast of Babylon 5. Avoid posting any spoilers about episodes that have aired in the US but not the UK. There is a FAQ for readers of the group.

uk.media.tv.sf.babylon5.social is a meeting place for arranging social events of interest to B5 fans.

aus.sf.babylon5 is for discussions about the Australian broadcast of Babylon 5. Avoid posting any spoilers about episodes that have aired in the US but not Australia. There is a Web page devoted to the newsgroup.

rec.video.satellite.tvro may contain satellite feed discussion.

World Wide Web
The following categories aren't ironclad; they're just an attempt to better organize the list of other sites.

Information: General - Information: Regional - Cast and Crew - "Crusade" Sites - Images and Sounds - Interactive - Humor - Pointers to Other Resources - Miscellaneous

Information: General

Information: Regional

Cast and Crew

"Crusade" Sites

Images and Sounds



Pointers to Other Resources


There are lots of other science-fiction resources on the Web; see the SF TV and Babylon 5 sections of Yahoo for a nice list. Expatriate Trekkies will probably get a kick out of The Particles of Star Trek.

Mailing Lists
Some mailing lists are of regional interest; I've divided them accordingly. It's usually the case that all lists will welcome anyone, though.

Global Lists

Regional lists (by country)

See Also: StellarCom (a list of regional lists; not part of the Lurker's Guide)

There is also a mailing list for regional-list maintainers. Send mail to majordomo@babcom.com with "subscribe b5-listowners" in the body if you run a regional list.

FTP site
ftp.midwinter.com is the Lurker's Guide's companion file area. The episode "A Voice in the Wilderness, Part 2" features a cruiser named the Hyperion in honor of the original location of this FTP site; the hostname name was ftp.hyperion.com until a legal dispute over the name Hyperion forced a name change.

Much of the information on the FTP site is contained in this Guide.

Mirror sites include:

MUSH / Games

Chat Rooms / IRC


Because JMS has been on GEnie talking about Babylon 5 since late 1991, GEnie is a choice place to be for a Babylon 5 fan. On the GEnie Science Fiction RoundTable, there are two Babylon 5 categories where JMS talks with the fans about the show, both production and story info. Most of the information in this FAQ came from this category. They are located at Page 471, Category 18 and 19. Archives of past messages are available in the GEnie SFRT files areas, along with graphics files and the interactive demos are also available in the file area. In honor of the fans who are involved with this group, the specific location of Babylon 5 corresponds to the original location of the GEnie topic (Grid Epsilon 470,18,22). A split of the GEnie SFRT in November, 1992 created the Babylon 5 category, moving the original topic into the new category.

ftp.midwinter.com contains an archive of most of JMS' GEnie messages about Babylon 5.

America Online

America Online is the home of an official, Warner Bros.-sponsored Babylon 5 area (keyword: Babylon5). JMS and others participate in the Babylon 5 message boards. AOL is the most common venue for real-time chats with the cast and crew of Babylon 5. There are generally new pictures and other files on the AOL site every Monday.

Interviews sometimes occur in the OMNI & DC-Online areas; the TV newsmagazine EXTRA has also had some B5 events and has a number of B5 files available. America Online users can also access the rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5 newsgroup by selecting EXPERT ADD NEWSGROUP from the Newsgroup screen and typing the following: rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5

ftp.midwinter.com contains an archive of recent JMS messages about Babylon 5, as well as transcripts of some of the real-time chat sessions.


JMS is a regular participant on CompuServe's Babylon 5 Forum (keyword BABYLON5) as well as the older SF & Fantasy Media 1 Forum. There are also file libraries and weekly B5 conferences. Much of JMS' message traffic from the B5 Forum is reposted in the Lurker's Guide and in weekly updates on Usenet.

An archive of some of JMS' CompuServe messages is available.


JMS also frequents BIX, and lurks on other systems; there are Babylon 5 sections on other networks and BBSs around the world. These and other networks and BBSs contain Babylon graphic files, text files, and forwarded JMS postings.

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Last update: December 16, 2005