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Mass media

Information about B5 has been found in the press and other media. Retrieve "b5.media" for more info. A partial list follows.


The official B5 magazine from the UK, while not available at US retail outlets, can be ordered through the B5 Fan Club.

An upcoming issue of Cinefantastique will be a B5 issue, with at least five B5 articles, an episode guide, and more. This was slated to appear in April 1997 but has been pushed back; no new date is available yet.

The January 1998 issue of Cinefantastique features several B5 articles, many of which are available online.

The November 1997 issue of Sci-Fi Entertainment has an interview with JMS.

The fall 1997 issue of Sci-Fi Invasion features a profile of Bester and an article about B5's second Hugo award.

The September 19, 1997 issue of the LA Times has an interview with producer John Copeland.

The September 1997 issue of Science Fiction Age has a B5 cover story and other B5-related articles.

The July 5, 1997 issue of TV Guide features a B5 cover story. Warning: Contains spoilers for season 5 and the end of season 4.

The July 3, 1997 edition of MSNBC's "The Site" featured a story about B5, including interviews with JMS, George Johnsen, Bruce Boxleitner, and Lurker's Guide editor Steven Grimm.

The June 9, 1997 issue of Newsweek has an article about JMS and his work on B5.

The June 5, 1997 issue of The Christian Science Monitor has an article about B5's exploration of mythic themes.

The April 1997 issue of Sci Fi Universe has a detailed behind-the-scenes article on B5. JMS has the following to say about it:

Also, the new issue of Sci-Fi Universe has two articles by Stephen Smith, one of which, a week following the production of B5, is probably the best and most comprehensive article ever written on the subject. I commend it wholeheartedly.

The February 1997 issue of SciFi Entertainment (the monthly magazine of the Sci Fi Channel) has a behind-the-scenes B5 article. One of the people accompanying the author to the set has a series of Web pages about the experience.

The February 1997 issue of Inquest has an interview with Bill Mumy.

The January 11, 1997 issue of TV Guide had an article by cartoonist Scott Adams, in which his character Dilbert proclaimed B5 "the best television show ever made."

The November 4, 1996 issue of Newsweek has a short article about B5 becoming the TV show of choice at NASA.

TV Guide's October 19, 1996 issue has a brief article about Melissa Gilbert's guest appearance in "Shadow Dancing" and "Z'ha'dum." The article contains spoilers for the episodes.

TV Guide has an article with spoilers for the end of season three, and some of season four, in its September 21, 1996 issue.

TV Guide's July 27, 1996 issue has a B5 feature.

Millimeter Magazine (a TV/film industry magazine) will have a cover story on B5 in an upcoming issue.

Sci Fi Universe, #14: Annual B5 blowout issue. Available at newsstands and comic book specialty stores on February 13, 1996.

The Feb. 96 issue of Keyboard Magazine has an article on Christopher Franke and the music of Babylon 5.

The October 1995 issue of Starlog contains an interview with Stephen Furst, discussing his role as Vir Cotto (among other things).

The August 20, 1995 issue of the Washington Times has an article likening Southeast Asian politics to the storyline of Babylon 5.

The July 24, 1995 issue of TV Guide has an article about B5, including a preview of the last four season-two episodes.

The April 1995 Starlog with B5 on the cover has an interview with Bruce Boxleitner.

The March 1995 issue of Sci Fi Universe has a major cover story on B5.

The November-December 1994 issue of InterText, the on-line fiction magazine, includes a non-fiction article about creators and their fans interacting on-line which features JMS.

The November 1994 issue of Cinescape has two articles on Babylon 5.

The July 1994 issue of the Canadian magazine The Computer Paper has an article about B5's presence on the net.

The April 1994 issue of Cinefantastique has a major feature article on Babylon 5. Half of the issues have a Babylon 5 cover, while half have "The Stand" on the cover.

Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz, who works with Ron Thornton on the visual effects, had an article in Toaster User in the spring of '94. Call AVID publications at 800-322-2843 from the USA.

The February 1993 issue of Cinefantastique has a B5 article including a behind-the-scenes look at the makeup department.


Issue numbers are listed where available.


An upcoming issue of Sci-Fi Probe will have a B5 feature article. E-mail probe@sci.fi for details.

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Last update: September 17, 1997